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The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Family Fortune

sims 4 scenario playthrough family fortune

Three squabbling siblings want to get their hands on grandma’s inheritance!

sims 4 scenario

The Sims 4 scenarios are back! The latest scenario added to the game is a new welcome scenario called Family Fortune. This scenario has you play with a premade family made specifically for the scenario; the Landry family. The family consists of elderly (and wealthy) Nyssa Landry and her three adult grandchildren, Eddie, Ava, and Lila Landry. All three of her grandchildren want a piece of her inheritance but Nyssa is not happy with the way her squabbling grandchildren have been living their lives and is threatening to leave them nothing if they don’t smarten up!

The Sims 4 Scenarios: Family Fortune

Getting Started

2023 06 21 13 04 07 379 ellanora by ellcrze

Like all other Sims 4 scenarios, start this scenario by clicking the giant Scenarios button on the main menu and selecting Family Fortune under the Welcome Scenarios category. Hovering over this scenario will reveal information about the scenario and possible outcomes.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Start With:

  • Nyssa, a disappointed grandmother
  • Ava, oldest granddaughter, Mean
  • Eddie, grandson, Lazy
  • Lila, youngest granddaughter, Hot-Headed

Story Endings:

  • Giving it all away
  • A happy family at last
  • Made grandma proud
  • Let grandma down


  • Satisfaction Points
  • Bonus Reward

I wasn’t given the option to play in an existing save when I selected this scenario. I was taken right to the move-in screen on the world map with this family in a new save. The family comes with $80,000 simoleons so you should be able to find, download, or build a decent home for them.

I moved them into an Uptown apartment in San Myshuno and just slapped down some basic furnishings for the sake of hopping right into gameplay. I promise I’m a good interior decorator, don’t judge me!

Learn to Get Along

sims 4 scenario

Mandatory Goals:

  • Throw a dinner party
  • Improve grandmother’s mood (appears after throwing the dinner party)
  • Heal negative sentiments (appears after throwing the dinner party)

Optional Goals:

  • Have siblings befriend each other
  • Get through a dinner party without fighting
  • Have siblings apologise to grandmother
  • Have siblings fight
  • Donate $10,000 of inheritance to charity
2023 06 21 13 33 33 622 ellanora by ellcrze

Everyone in this family starts out disliking each other and everyone has negative sentiments with each other. This isn’t one of the easiest Sims 4 scenarios but it does present a pretty fun challenge. The siblings immediately get a fed up message from dear old gran upon starting the scenario.

The only mandatory goal for the first part of this scenario is to throw a dinner party. The optional goals allow you to choose how that dinner party plays out and ultimately, which story ending you will get. Obviously, I wanted to cause as much chaos as possible so that’s what I did!

sims 4 scenario

After spending a few hours out and about in Uptown to meet some Sims I could invite as party guests, I had Nyssa throw the dinner party and start making a lovely meal to serve to her esteemed guests. Since Lila is jealous of her older sister, Ava, I thought it appropriate for them to get in a huge fight over dinner which ended in an all-out brawl! This is already becoming the most entertaining Sims 4 scenario I’ve ever played.

2023 06 21 14 56 14 485 ellanora by ellcrze

As you might imagine, Nyssa was so disgusted with her granddaughters that she picked up the phone and donated $10,000 of the family inheritance to charity which resulted in this scathing message:

sims 4 scenario

Just a note here: if you don’t see this option on the phone under the Home app, remove your mods. I didn’t see this option at first and it turned out one of my mods was preventing it from appearing.

Although I wanted to wreak utter havoc, this Sims 4 scenario forces you to heal negative sentiments between the siblings before you can move on in the scenario. So unfortunately, I had to try and have everyone play nice with each other for a little while. This turned out to be a lot harder than it looked because the siblings would autonomously be mean to each other constantly, resulting in more negative sentiments.

2023 06 21 15 41 50 209 ellanora by ellcrze

In the end, I figured out that the game table was a solid way of making the siblings bond. They built relationship quickly and their autonomous mean interactions were far less frequent while working on puzzles or a game of Don’t Wake the Llama together.

In spite of this, however, Eddie still had one pesky negative sentiment with his sisters that did not want to disappear no matter how much he bonded with them, so when he accidentally set himself on fire while trying to cook, I may have… been just a tad slow about calling the fire department. RIP Eddie. This was just a completely unpreventable accident, I swear.

sims 4 scenario

There was only one problem with killing off Eddie to get rid of negative sentiments. This Sims 4 scenario isn’t smart enough to realise when a Sim has died. So the Sims 4 scenario still wanted me to remove negative sentiments in spite of Eddie being dead. I even released his spirit to the netherworld to delete his ghost but nope. Did not work.

2023 06 21 16 01 41 377 ellanora by ellcrze

Pro Tip: If you play this Sims 4 scenario, trying to get around the goals by killing some of the siblings is not a viable solution.

Become Respectable Adults

sims 4 scenario

Mandatory Goals:

  • Get a job for all siblings (x3)
  • Earn $10,000

Optional Goals:

  • Get promoted
  • Find a romantic partner for each sibling (x3)
  • Heal grandmother’s negative sentiments
  • Burn $50,000 of inheritance

While trying to troubleshoot how I was going to complete this Sims 4 scenario without Eddie, I reloaded the game which seems to have reset the goal counter and the game considered that part of the scenario complete? Weird, but okay, works for me!

This section of the Sims 4 scenario focuses on trying to get the siblings’ life together enough to convince grandma that they deserve a piece of her inheritance. The only mandatory goals here are to get a job for all three siblings and earn $10,000.

2023 06 21 15 09 34 675 ellanora by ellcrze

After another passive-aggressive message from granny, I faced the same dilemma I had in the previous section of the scenario. How to get Eddie a job when both Eddie and his ghost were gone. If restarting the game before fixed the issue, maybe it would again?

Success! What a weird little workaround to a weird little glitch but I’m just happy there was a way to fix it because this Sims 4 scenario is probably one of my favourites so far. I didn’t want to have to abandon it. Anyway, I got Ava a job as a Style Influencer and Lila a job in the Entertainment business. Perhaps not the most respectable jobs according to grandma, but I’m not exactly trying to impress her, here.

sims 4 scenario

As for the $10,000, that was incredibly easy to do. Since Ava works in fashion now, I just sent her to the bubble tea and thrift shop in Copperdale and had her lazily slap together a bunch of outfits, selling them on Trendi for $10,000 a piece. Someone was bound to bite, right? And they did! Miko Ojo purchased on of Ava’s looks, instantly completing this goal.

2023 06 21 16 39 30 638 ellanora by ellcrze

My only regret for this section was speeding through it too fast. I didn’t get a chance to do any of the optional goals. I would have really liked to throw some romance in the mix and have grandma burn a buttload more money but oh well.

A New Beginning for the Family

sims 4 scenario

Mandatory Goals:

  • Mourn grandmother
  • Read inheritance letter
  • Engrave grandmother’s urn (End Scenario)

Optional Goals:

  • Strengthen grandmother’s connection to the physical world
  • Release grandmother’s spirit
  • Donate inheritance to charity
  • Have siblings become best friends

If you were wondering if you’d have to wait a long time for Nyssa to die of old age (or… help her along…), rest easy! Nyssa is programmed to die as soon as you start the third portion of this Sims 4 scenario. How convenient!

2023 06 21 16 50 09 192 ellanora by ellcrze

Your only mandatory goals here are to mourn Nyssa and read the inheritance letter that spawns in each of the siblings’ inventories upon her death. Engraving Nyssa’s urn is also mandatory; however, doing this ends the scenario so make sure you don’t do this until you’re actually ready to end this Sims 4 scenario.

Once Nyssa has passed, each grandchild will receive an inheritance letter in their inventory. Nyssa has left each grandchild what she thinks they deserve based on their actions throughout the Sims 4 scenario.

sims 4 scenario

Since poor Eddie is no more, only Ava and Lila received an inheritance letter to read. Apparently, Nyssa was incredibly pleased with her oldest granddaughter, Ava, and left her $131,535! Nice score, Ava! But maybe Lila is right to be jealous of her older sister because grandma Nyssa definitely did not favour her. Lila only got $25,247. Ouch!

I figured Lila would be fuming over her piddly inheritance in comparison to her sister so I put her in charge of engraving dear old gran’s urn. Heh heh heh…

I knew Ava was always your favourite you penny-pinching hag!

2023 06 21 16 53 56 232 ellanora by ellcrze

Gone, but not forgotten…

Scenario Rewards

sims 4 scenario

And this concludes the Family Fortune scenario! I was really hoping to get the Let Grandma Down ending but in spite of my best efforts to sabotage everything I possibly could, I still ended up with the Made Grandma Proud ending. In hindsight, I totally should have burned the $50,000 and donated the inheritance to charity. I might have at least gotten the Giving It All Away ending. Oh well…

My reward for this Sims 4 scenario was satisfaction points for Ava and Lila. I did not receive a bonus reward. Probably because I killed one of the Sims I needed and basically acted like a terrible person the entire time. Meh. It happens.

Our Thoughts

In spite of some awkward hiccoughs along the way, I actually really enjoyed this Sims 4 scenario. There was a lot of optional opportunity for drama and it was also decently challenging. My only regret with this Sims 4 scenario was not taking my time more with it. Had I stopped to smell the roses a little, I could have played around with different endings and done more to sway the story in the direction I wanted.

I’d definitely recommend playing through this scenario a few times. The different possible endings and all the optional paths you can take give it some replay value.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the recent direction Sims 4 scenarios have taken. They have more interesting outcomes, less linear goals, and better rewards than they did when they were first introduced to the game. This scenario was no exception.

If you liked this Sims 4 scenario playthrough, check out another one of my personal favourite scenarios!

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