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The Sims 4 Castle Estate: A Stately Review

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

The long wait for last year’s community voted kits is finally over! The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit and the Goth Galore Kit are finally here! Go back in time to a world of kings and queens, knights, and courtly love with the Castle Estate Build Kit! Fans of The Sims Medieval will no doubt have an interest in this one!

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

Build stately medieval castles with new architectural pieces!

The Castle Estate Kit comes with a total of 25 Build/Buy items with a very heavy focus on the Build side. It also contains one styled room in three colour styles. Almost all of the pieces that come with this kit are located in the Build section of Build/Buy. New items include friezes, spandrels, exterior trims, windows, doors, wall covering, floor covering, stairs, and fencing.

The Sims 4 Castle Estate Overview

We’ve taken the liberty of cataloguing every piece in the Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit for you, complete with catalogue entries and in-game previews of every swatch. We hope this detailed item overview will help you decide if you’d like to add this kit to your collection.

Catalogue Previews

Here are the catalogue previews of all the items that come in the Castle Estate Kit. You can see the cost of each item, the item description, and any environment buffs of each piece below.

Swatch Previews

Here are all of the in-game previews of each item in the Castle Estate Kit in all available swatches. Most of the items come in 13 swatches so there is quite a decent variety of colours and textures for each object.

Styled Room

Below are the three colour themes available for the styled room that comes with this kit.

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit Review

Our Review of The Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit

Personally, I was ecstatic when I found out that the Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit had won the community vote last year. That was kit I voted for so I couldn’t wait to see what the kit would actually bring when it arrived. After looking through all of the items, I’m not upset… but I’m not necessarily impressed, either.

While the kit does provide a lot of unique architectural pieces, I was still hoping for more of a balance between Build and Buy items. Having a beautiful castle exterior is all well and good but players are going to struggle to furnish the inside of those castles without resorting to custom content, which is not available on all platforms. If the kit had 30 items (which is not an unreasonable amount for a kit; previous kits have come with 30 items) and those last 5 items were a medieval bed, fireplace, loveseat, table, and dining chair, that alone would have made a huge difference and given players more interior versatility.

Still, it’s not all negative. The pieces that do come with this kit are absolutely stunning, especially the doors and windows. The detail of the textures are gorgeous; I really feel like I could reach out and feel that rough stone texture with my fingers if I were to touch my computer screen.

There’s also a variety of swatches that allow you to build a brand new stone structure, an old crumbling structure, or an overgrown one. I really love the stone floor swatch with the greenery growing in between the stones. And, as previously mentioned, there are a lot of unique pieces here that we don’t get in Build/Buy kits very often. I love when a Build/Buy kit comes with new spandrels and friezes.

All in all, this kit does exterior architecture extremely well but unfortunately, its lack of interior objects still makes building and furnishing a medieval castle a challenge. If you are more of an architect in The Sims, you’ll find a lot of use for this kit. However, interior decorators really don’t have much to work with here. It still gets a thumbs up from me for doing Build Mode so well but it would have been even better if they had paid a little more attention to Buy Mode, too.

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