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SimGuruDaniel talks Pets and Seasons for The Sims 4

NOTE: Please take this post with a grain of salt as nothing has been firmly confirmed.

About a year ago, SimGuruDaniel went on Twitter to basically assure Simmers that there’s nothing about The Sims 4 that will limit the possibility of creating Pets and Seasons themed packs:

Just 3 weeks ago, he replied on a Reddit post that asked Do you think TS4 will get pets and seasons? with the following message:


It’s obvious he didn’t want to actually confirm the idea of these two packs, but there’s obviously irony in the ”what do I know?” sentence, as he is in fact a Game Designer for The Sims 4.

Pets and Seasons have basically been a part of every Sims game, so it’s most likely that we’ll be hearing more about these packs soon™.

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  • sims 4 is basically the sims 2. And they have pets and seasons in sims 2 even its not a open world. I hope they will add the 2 EPs. If they dont I will be highly disappoint that they cant make it because of their new system.

    • Agreed! Before The Sims 4 launched I made a comment on a Sims 3 video wondering what EA will omit from the latest installment due to it’s history of never crossing the best features from a previous game but I had no idea The Sims 4 would take out practically everything including my “cute little bundle of pure joy”! This was just a move that went to far you don’t give us Simmers a game with less life stages then the previous two games and expect us Simmers to remain quiet about it….

    • The funny thing is, they set that bar themselves, as each iteration of the game had certain packs that were to be expected. If we received more content beyond the YA/A lifestage, it would go some way toward adding a bit more depth to the game.

      I liked families in TS3, but in TS4 I just want to bypass the child/teen years as there really isn’t that much to do. Basically, I was ruined by Generations and Seasons.

  • Sorry to tell you this but that is impossible the game is already designed this way. In order to change it they’d have to make a whole new game.

  • Everyone is so salty around here. I want, I want, I want. We don’t need toddlers in the game ’cause it seems we have plenty in the community. I think this EP is pretty cool and if I didn’t I simply wouldn’t buy it. Honestly, if you hate it that much why would you continue to purchase and play the games?

    • I haven’t really complained about toddlers I would like them.But it’s not that big of a deal.But am really disappointed with what they have put out so far and I don’t even like the new one coming up.Only thing I see is singing career that even looks like something I will like. I am really disappointed. Every time I get a new pack I play for a week or two and then I am bored

    • The standard was set by Maxis. I don’t purchase or continue to play TS4, as I’m waiting for them to add some depth to the game. Hence why I check in here for any rumored updates that will add to the core experience. But they continue to cut corners, deliver less overall, and fail to meet the bar that they set themselves starting with TS1. It’s not like the players are asking for things that are out of reach or unknown to the team, or things beyond their skill level — they’re literally asking for things that were integral to each prior expansion. Things they’ve demonstrated a capacity to do with each version of the game. This isn’t like AAA MMOs where the players are salty due to unrealistic or heightened expectations – in over two years since TS4 launched, they’re still lacking core features of prior games, not to mention the breadth and depth of prior expansions.

      It’s fine if you’re happy with the shell of a game they’ve delivered, but when they’re overly reliant on metrics, it seems important to give them overwhelming feedback – especially when they interpret those metrics so poorly.

      • I’m happy with this shell of a game! I’m very happy at the moment, in fact, even before the toddlers, the vampires and the rumoured pets and the more than possible seasons X D
        Right now, for Sims 4, I really am a happy bunny.

      • Well, you cant forget that TS4 was built from scratch while the previous versions were updates of updates… That is probably why the sims 4 is so different from 3,2 and 1. But it will shine in the future. You cant build an house from the roof

  • From what I’ve seen, it’s always a good sign if the gurus aren’t talking specifics about certain things that can be upcoming (and the usual expected things in past games such as pets and seasons). They didn’t say too much when it came to toddlers (but did have a post in the forums for toddler fans to give ideas) and were rather vague around the discussion before toddlers came into the game (despite some of the out of control rudeness some simmers give them). If they can’t talk about it (the codings about vampires) chances are it will eventually come but not if they freely talk about it, such as commenting on rumors or fake things.