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SimGuruDaniel talks Pets and Seasons for The Sims 4

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NOTE: Please take this post with a grain of salt as nothing has been firmly confirmed.

About a year ago, SimGuruDaniel went on Twitter to basically assure Simmers that there’s nothing about The Sims 4 that will limit the possibility of creating Pets and Seasons themed packs:

Just 3 weeks ago, he replied on a Reddit post that asked Do you think TS4 will get pets and seasons? with the following message:


It’s obvious he didn’t want to actually confirm the idea of these two packs, but there’s obviously irony in the ”what do I know?” sentence, as he is in fact a Game Designer for The Sims 4.

Pets and Seasons have basically been a part of every Sims game, so it’s most likely that we’ll be hearing more about these packs soon™.

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