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The Sims Brazil is hyping up for new TS4 News and we don’t know what it means

The official Facebook page for The Sims Brazil has posted the following GIF, saying:

Who’s excited for the next news from The Sims 4?


Now, we don’t know what they mean with this, but there certainly won’t be anything for this week as SimGuruDrake confirmed that we shouldn’t expect any news this week.

We have a quarterly teaser which was released a couple of days ago – however the teaser has only shown one Stuff Pack which should be released in late Summer (which is probably around August/ beginning of September).

Considering we don’t have anything much going on, could there be a new announcement that The Sims Brazil is hyping us up for? Stay tuned!

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  • As a Brazilian who speaks Brazilian Portuguese as a mother language, I can state that this means: Nothing.

    It’s not at all like when a Facebook page hyped for toddlers the day that patch came out. It’s just a way of keeping everyone’s mood in a high, it doesn’t imply that something is about to happen.

    Languages are not about exact words, but what they imply in that individual context =) Because I speak other languages (at least a little), I can understand the confusion, but my guess is it means nothing.

    (Too bad, I’d love to get really exciting news soon!)

    • I was wondering about that myself. Not because I have any expertise in Portuguese or Brazilian culture, mind; I’ll leave that to you. But “who’s excited for the next news from the Sims 4?” could mean “something’s coming; brace yourself!” but also could just mean “we’ve passed the halfway mark of the year, and 2017 has been pretty fantastic for the Sims 4 so far; who’s ready for whatever the next six months has to throw at us?” Especially because “the next news” is pretty generic; it’s not like they said “who’s excited for the announcement Tuesday?”

    • I hope there will be a new expansion at least because they just can not do it with us, releasing a quarterly teaser just showing off only a damn baby stuff pack. Really? Babies? This still didn’t entered on my mind, EA. I still believe the Pets come until December.