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The Sims 4: Neighborhood Upgrade Coming Soon?


After SimGuruGraham clarified that The Sims 4 Get To Work‘s new Neighborhood Magnolia Promenade only comes with 4 Lots, Simmers were quite disappointed with the fact that we might never see a Neighborhood with more than 5 Lots.


The Sims Forum member rtucker expressed his worries on the official Forums saying:

Everything is starting to come into play. the small world, then we got the outdoor retreat with only four lots. and not we are getting our first EP and again only for lots. Do you think that will be normal now with future EP and GP. I hope not.

SimGuruDaniel didn’t ignore his post and stated the following:

Just wanted to pop in to say we recognize the desire for more lots and Sims. GTW may not address this completely, but we have other plans in the works that should help.

Whether this new ”Neighborhood Upgrade” means just one or two new Lots or a Neighborhood Editor that’ll help us edit and Customize current and future Lot spaces with more options, it’s always nice to see SimGurus and their interest in expanding the game.

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