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The Sims 4: More Info about upcoming Game and Stuff Packs!


During The Sims 4 Get to Work Preview Event in Poland, DOTSim found out that upcoming Game Pack and Stuff Pack releasements are going to be Digital only (just like The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat is), which means that you’ll only be able to make a Game/Stuff Pack purchase via Origin or another Online Store (such as Amazon).

Here’s a full statement by DOTSim:

At the GTW Event at EA Poland, we had a quick presentation about The Sims 4 and future expansions. Head of polish Sims team told us, that Game Packs and Stuff Packs are going to be available only via Origin, but they are working to put some of the titles into boxes. She also told us that EA wants to improve Origin payment options, so that it will be available for more fans (Not only paying by PaySafeCard or another card)


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  • Be aware not to confuse the content packs with the expantion packs, which will stay digital as well as physical available. I have seen the confusement about this a lot of times but got confirmation from EA itself that it is NOT the expantion packs that they are talking about when they say they are going to make them digital only. Just letting some concerned Simmers know. (Also cause I know the trouble with having to get it via Origin only, I can not pay them even if I wanted cause my account does not allow digital payment yet.)