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The Sims 4 Update: My Packs Feature

TS4 2015 03 26 19 50 06 00

With the latest The Sims 4 Update, you’re now able to view all the Packs that have been released (or announced) and installed on your PC so far.

The My Packs button can be found on the top right corner next to The Gallery icon.

TS4 2015-03-26 19-44-36-84 TS4 2015-03-26 19-50-06-00

You can also view all the objects of each Pack including Get to Work, so make sure you check out all the CAS and Build Objects this Expansion Pack has to offer!

What’s also new is the Introduction screen you get for each Pack you have installed.

TS4 2015-03-26 19-50-15-39 TS4 2015-03-26 19-50-35-63

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