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The Sims 4: Developers Tease ‘CAS Changes’

There’s more to the latest Patch Notes that you might think! In the last paragraph of the patch notes, SimGuruGnome said:

Here’s to hoping your days are counted in Sim days (because then you’d get to live 3,011,903,080,114,070,519,031,513,091,407 nanoseconds on average)

Our member mork discovered a deeper meaning to this code:

it’s a pretty basic code based on the alphabet (substitute letters for the numbers).

3 01 19 03 08 01 14 07 05 19 03 15 13 09 14 07

c a s c h a n g e s c o m i n g


Could this mean that the Unisex CAS Features that the Gurus have ‘accidentally’ leaked could be coming very soon?! We’ll probably have to wait until the next patch to find out!


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