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There’s a unique buff that you can unlock with Get to Work and Parenthood

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack is full of little hidden features and buffs that you can unlock and find as you play with your family. However, there is one special buff that you can unlock if you have Get to Work installed.

Sims who play a lot with the Booboo Billy Doctor Playset as a child and who manage to treat the doll will have a special little buff waiting for them once they reach the adult phase. The “I’m A Doctor” buff will last only for 2 hours.

The moment your Sim becomes an adult you can start thinking about your Sim’s career. If your Sim managed to get the “I’m A Doctor” buff during the Child stage, they’ll get a similar buff the moment¬†they join the Doctor career (which comes with The Sims 4 Get to Work). This one is a happy buff and will last for 2 whole days.

This is one of the rare gameplay features in The Sims 4 that require more than one pack to function.

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