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20 things you should try in The Sims 4


With The Sims 4 there’s no “boss battle” or a certain goal that you have to achieve in order to finish the game. It’s a neverending quest of making Sims happy (or miserable) with twists and turns along the way. However, as a player you might feel overwhelmed with approaching this sandbox game and how to make it more entertaining, but don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Here are 20 things you should try in The Sims 4 Base Game (if you haven’t already).

1) Complete whims more regularly

Sometimes you really need to listen to what your Sim wants and not what you want.

20 things you should try in The Sims 4

2) Play with Pre-Mades

Sometimes it’s best to continue where The Sims Team left off and continue the stories of Sims in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Will Johnny Zest finally be able to find the right crowd and prove his rich parents that he doesn’t need them?

20 things you should try in The Sims 4

3) Become a homewrecker

Things aren’t meant to be always perfect in The Sims 4. Why not make a Sim who will ruin all the perfect marriages in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. You know, just for fun!

20 things you should try in The Sims 4

4) 1 Sim – 7 Toddlers

It’s hard enough to keep control of one toddler so controlling 7 toddlers is close to a nightmare.

20 things you should try in The Sims 4

5) Rotational play

Sometimes it’s important to switch things up. If you’re bored of your current household, see how others are doing, make those households interact with each other and see what happens!

6) Create a new life in Newcrest

Newcrest is completely blank and needs your help to be filled with Sims and lots. You don’t have to be the best storyteller or the best builder in the world but the outcome will definitely make you proud.

7) Start from the ground up

Cheat your way to the top and then watch your Sims crumble and re-start everything from scratch. If you have a Sim in your household who is doing really good in a certain career, make them neglect all their work duties which should get them fired. Eventually all your high bills (due to rich lot your Sims are living in) will catch you up and eventually you’ll have to sell bit by bit and start a new career in order to survive.

20 things you should try in The Sims 4

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