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The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

After the announcement of The Sims 4 Road to Fame Mod by SACRIFICAL I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it – and I finally did!

After installing the mod I created my new Sim Lesley Clifford and moved her into one of luxurious apartments in San Myshuno to test out the mod.


You start off your road to fame by clicking on your Sim and selecting the Road to Fame > Simstagram > Create A Simstagram Account. Yup, Sims become famous by posting photos, videos, selfies, replying on comments and interacting overall with this social network in order to gain fame.

With this interaction you’ll automatically acquire the Simstagram Skill. This skill has 5 levels and you progress by being active on Simstagram.

Here’s just an example of my Sim posting a Selfie on Simstagram:

Interacting with all sorts of Road to Fame features will usually give you strong happy moodlets that last either for a short period of time (interactions) or a long period of time (leveling up your Fame Level).

If you want to progress in your fame level you need to focus on your followers. You can easily check your number of followers in the Simstagram interaction options.

Starting off with Simstagram at first isn’t easy because there are only a few interactions that you have to repeat in order to level up your Simstagram skill, but once you’ll do you’ll unlock new Simstagram interactions which will only help you boost your followers number more.

Simstagram Skill Level 2

  • Take Photos Manually
  • Respond To Comments
  • Ability to earn more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Skill Level 3

  • Record Videos using front / back phone camera
  • Take photos with other Sims
  • Ability to earn more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Skill Level 4

  • Ask other Sims to take photos of you (you have the ability to even choose between feminine or masculine photo poses)
  • Camera on Tripod Object Award (can be found in your sim inventory)
  • Ability to earn more followers with each interaction

Simstagram Skill Level 5

  • Post Inspirational Pictures
  • Ability to earn more followers with each interaction

With all these interactions available you’re ready to enter the world of fame!

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