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The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough



Reaching your first level of fame can be achieved after reaching more than 1 million followers on your Simstagram account. This won’t be hard if you work on your Simstagram Skill regularly.

The first level of fame comes with great new benefits. For starters your Sim will get a huge happiness boost for becoming famous.

  • Ability to start Meet & Greet Events

You can start a meet & greet social event wherever you are, at any time of day under the Road to Fame interaction menu. The event will start immediately as soon as you click on the option and in just a matter of few seconds your fans and paparazzi will run to you to take photos and ask questions.

The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

You can choose to be rude to paparazzi which will have a negative influence on your followers and they go away or choose to be nice and pose for photos, sign autographs and answer questions.

For fans there’s a totally different set of interactions – you can take photos with them, give them a hug, kiss on a cheek or lips, take manual selfies or just choose to be rude to them.

The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

Don’t forget about your main objective for Meet & Greet Events and that is to sign 5 autographs!

The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

It’s great to interact with your fans and all, but can you earn from your fame status? Well of course!  For starters completing your Meet & Greet Events will give you a certain amount of simoleons, but that’s not the only way to earn money.

Unlike Simstagram, Fame isn’t a skill but something that’s just assigned to your Sim. There are 5 different Fame Levels:

  • Fame Level 1 (1 Million Followers)
  • Fame Level 2 (5 Million Followers)
  • Fame Level 3 (10 Million Followers)
  • Fame Level 4 (15 Million Followers)
  • Fame Level 5 (20 Million Followers)

So what makes the difference between all these fame levels? Recognition. The moment you reach Level 5 you’ll notice that everywhere you go in the world you’ll be followed left and right by the paparazzi and your loyal fans.

The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

The moment you become famous you can use Simstagram to promote a certain brand and earn a certain amount of simoleons – depending on your simstagram brand offer. These vary from time to time and you’ll get these by:

  • Reaching 100,000 followers on Simstagram
  • Leveling up in Fame
  • Getting random offers through “Business Deal” buffs

Your fame level plays a huge role in this. With each fame level you earn 1000 Simoleons more. By the moment your Sim is level 5 they’ll earn 5000 Simoleons with each brand promotion!

With Level 5 your Meet & Greets will also become significantly bigger with more sims coming arriving to the event!

The Sims 4: Road To Fame Mod Playthrough

Are you ready to send your Sims on a Road to Fame? The Mod is now available for download!

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