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The Sims 4: Unlocking the Tutorial-Exclusive Traits


The Sims 4’s brand new tutorial is a handy walkthrough of some of the game’s most basic and essential features that you’re going to encounter during your further playtime sessions. Beside the usual “click this” and “do that” prompts that you’re going to encounter during the tutorial there are also some permanent benefits that you’re going to get to keep after finishing the tutorial.


After selecting the “Play Tutorial” option you’ll be greeted with a specific set of Aspiration options that differ from the regular Aspirations set that you get when opening Create A Sim without the tutorial. Those include Athlete, Chef, Painter and the Trend-Setter aspirations which are exclusive to this Tutorial.


It doesn’t really matter which Aspiration you choose in Create A Sim considering that they only determine which Career will be given to you in the Live Mode Tutorial. All of these 4 Aspirations will give you the “Career-Minded” Trait, promising a slight jump in your Career Level and slight performance boosts that will make sure you earn promotions in your career much faster.

The Sims 4: Unlocking the Tutorial-Exclusive Traits

This trait is yours to keep after completing the tutorial including the Career that you’ve chosen to play with after finishing up the tutorial. However, this isn’t the only trait that you’ll get to keep after completing the brand new tutorial.

The Over-Achiever Trait is another new trait that gets introduced with the latest tutorial change, promising increased job performances and faster skill progress. It’s a Reward Trait that your Sim will get to obtain immediately after finishing up the tutorial and just like with the Career-Minded trait, it’s yours to keep forever.

The Sims 4: Unlocking the Tutorial-Exclusive Traits

We know that not everyone would want to play through the entire tutorial in order to get these traits which is why we managed to also uncover new cheats that’ll help you immediately obtain these Traits for your Sims. Simply open up the cheat console using CTRL + Shift + C and enter the following cheats for each trait accordingly:

  • Over-Achiever: traits.equip_trait Over_Achiever
  • Career-Minded: traits.equip_trait CareerMinded

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