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The Sims 4: SimGuruGrant talks Game Possibilities, Features, Development and more!

SimGuruGrant, the lead producer working on The Sims 4 has answered plenty of questions on Twitter over the last few days which revolve mostly around the game’s possibilities and which features could potentially be implemented in the game.

Note that the answers he provided are somewhat vague considering that none of the SimGurus are able to reveal or tease upcoming content before the official announcement. Still, there’s some valuable information about what the game can and can’t do that you might find interesting.

We’ve listed all of his answers down below. As soon as new tweets surface we’ll make sure to update this post and if there’s a bigger batch of answers we’ll include them in a different post.


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  • a pity NOONE asked about option to disable random sims generating since it breaks many challanges we tries to do and NPCs CAN be easily replaced by townies… and about that all baby ariel thing…. I felt it was nothing but promoting some boring girl, someone with talent wouldn’t needed such promoting tricks to be noticed, now I see why all celebs in game have no skill points but got fame…

    • i had to download a mod to stop townies from generating because they completely max out all the open slots in my game

    • Oh I learned that rather quick. Here I naively thought it would be otherwise. There is so much information out there that cc creators and modders put together so that simmers can better understand what the gurus are talking about and to create their own content but not enough people do it. For example, just recently I’ve seen people complain that cc hair creators not doing the hairs they want and instead of learning to create their own with tutorials like the creators did, they just make snarky comments and contribute nothing else. And I’ve seen people complain about the game being geared towards “younger” fans despite the fact that the game has always been rated T and somehow it’s unreasonable for a company to not expand its reach beyond young adults/adults? As a company it would be crazy not to try reaching new age groups that are likely to play pc or mobile games.

      • I really have to agree with you there, particularly with people getting angry at the Sims team for the fact they can’t include more mature content. Like you said, they’ve always been T for Teen and it seems like if there’s anyone those particularly fans should be frustrated with then it’s the ESRB ratings board.

        A lot of people also don’t seem to realise that the Sims team have limitations they need to stick to for one reason or another. It seems like a lot of people are assuming it’s because the team is “lazy” or “incompetent” instead of placing the fault with the higher-ups or those same limitations. I’ve never worked in the gaming industry, but when I worked as tech support for an internet/cable provider I got yelled at constantly for things that were outside of my control.

  • I hate how we tell the gurus straight up what they want and they just gi “nah, just recolor an old item and pretend it’s new they won’t notice”

  • I feel that some people don’t ask any interesting questions. Some of them I knew without even looking at the answers such as about the heights, objects, tuning and animations. Heights would be massively expensive since it would require re doing a lot of the animations that involve two sims interacting like hugs and kisses. It would be nice but not a feature to invest in at this point.

    • I think it’s actually a good idea to ask each time about such things. I mean at some point they may actually do height/spiral stairs/something else people wanted for a long time. If height ever even happen it’s obvious it’s not now, but it’s worth asking for at least to show that it is something we would be very happy to have in the game.

      • But the issue is that sometimes people ask the same questions so they either weren’t reading past tweet answers or think asking again will change the answer (or think it will make something happen sooner) . It becomes a bit repeative at times. Things like heights and spiral staircases have been acknowledged as items. Considering how this community can be, I do think the gurus will get criticized for adding heights because “it should’ve been there from the start so why add it now” or “what a waste they should’ve done xyz instead since it doesn’t add gameplay”.

        • Well you can’t make everyone happy. I personally don’t care if they add heights/stairs now or later (if they add it at all of course) It’s a fun thing to play with. There always will be people who whould whine about why there was added smth and not the other smth.

  • The same thing with constantly asking why there are so many toilets or chairs. They don’t need to do another code for it… Is it really that hard to understand that giving another look to the same thing isn’t so much investment than creating something new with new codes and everything. Even if it’s a urinal…

  • These people asked some dumb questions that does not add any value to the discussion. If they want more controversial themes added then they should just stick with the mods. EA/Maxis would have a lawsuit on their hands if they tried doing those things smh