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The Cahill Household

Household Description

George Cahill was a retired pilot who enjoyed taking his beloved plane Penelope for long flights across the world. After passing over StrangerVille, there was a large flash of light, causing his plane to short circuit and crash. George has since set up camp in the cargo bay of Old Penelope and has lived on the outskirts of StrangerVille ever since. Although he has grown skeptical of the residents of StrangerVille, he means no harm and mostly keeps to himself.

George Cahill

Age: Elder
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Public Enemy
Walk Style: Bouncy
Voice: Clear
Traits: Paranoid | Active | Hot-Headed | Dastardly (Bonus)
Skills: Charisma 4 | Fitness 2 | Writing 3
Relationships: None

Household Notes

  • George lives at Old Penelope in the StrangerVille Plaza neighbourhood.
  • George has a very unique living situation. He lives in the crashed remnants of his plane. His entire home is underground and is built like a bunker.
  • The only piece of tech in George’s bunker is a laptop he keeps on a writing desk next to his bed. His skill in Writing suggest he uses the laptop to keep some kind of record of his experiences in StrangerVille.
  • George’s bunker is self-sufficient. He has a storage room filled with preserves and supplies, a DIY shower, and a gardening plot underground in one of the rooms. He can grow his own food without having to leave his bunker.
  • George will always have a Happy moodlet while at home due to his Paranoid trait, which boosts his happiness while in basements.
  • There is a stack of papers in George’s storage room which can be searched for evidence if the player chooses to pursue the StrangerVille Mystery story.
  • George has an empty fishbowl on a crate next to his bed, which suggests he may be lonely and in want of company.
  • George can be spotted briefly in the official reveal trailer.

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