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The Roswell Household

Household Description

The Roswells are the oldest residents in StrangerVille. Ted Roswell has since become the mayor and has been aggressively pushing to get StrangerVille to be more technologically advanced. He has made some shady deals, but his crowning achievement has been the construction of the Crater Base and Secret Lab. Ted’s wife, Meredith, has been noticing Ted acting very strange at night. It might have something to do with his frequent visits to the Secret Lab to try and cover things up.

Ted Roswell

Age: Adult
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Walk Style: Tough
Voice: Brash
Traits: Evil | Paranoid | Hot-Headed | Business Savvy (Bonus)
Skills: Charisma 5 | Gardening 7 | Logic 4
Relationships: Meredith Roswell – Wife

Meredith Roswell

Age: Adult
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Walk Style: Snooty
Voice: Melodic
Traits: Neat | Good | Outgoing | Business Savvy (Bonus)
Skills: Cooking 7 | Gardening 2 | Gourmet Cooking 3 | Handiness 6
Relationships: Ted Roswell – Husband

Household Notes

  • The Roswell household lives at StrangerVille Overlook in the Shady Acres neighbourhood.
  • The household description hints that there’s something wrong with Ted. Looking at his trait panel, he has the hidden Infected trait, which afflicts Sims who have eaten bizarre fruit. This is related to the StrangerVille Mystery story, but the player does not have to play through the story if they decide to play as Ted.
  • Ted and Meredith have opposing traits (Good and Evil). While they have a decent relationship with each other, their traits point to some tension in the marriage.
  • Although both Ted and Meredith are unemployed, their household description reveals that Ted is the mayor of StrangerVille.
  • The Roswells’ home has four bedrooms, some of which hint at the presence of children, but Ted and Meredith have no children.
  • There is an office in the basement with a file box and stack of papers which can both be searched for evidence if the player chooses to pursue the StrangerVille Mystery story.
  • Ted and Meredith can be spotted briefly in the official reveal trailer.
  • The Roswells’ surname is a nod to the famous Roswell UFO incident, where conspiracy theorists believe that a UFO carrying extraterrestrial life forms crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

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