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The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Meet the Residents of StrangerVille


Welcome to StrangerVille

“The only thing stranger than the people is the flora!”

The town’s slogan couldn’t be more true. Apart from all the weird environmental things going on in StrangerVille, the people living in the town are just as eccentric and mysterious as the town itself. I decided to dig deep into the lives of all the premade Sims in StrangerVille to give you an up close and personal look at these intriguing characters. Find out what secrets they may be hiding and how their lives are intertwined with the StrangerVille Mystery story.

Don’t worry – this article will be spoiler free. Any mention of the story mode will be brief and only related to the basic premise of the story.

The Sigworth Household

Household Description

The Sigworth family is rather new in town. Jess, the mom, had to transfer to the StrangerVille National Base. After spending a few days on the base, Dylan has started to notice something is a bit off about his wife. Although Dylan is doing all he can to reassure their daughter that everything is okay, Christie is starting to catch on and it is only a matter of time before she realizes what is going on.

Jess Sigworth

Age: Young Adult
Career: Military (3)
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Walk Style: Tough
Voice: Melodic
Traits: Active | Family Oriented | Outgoing | Domestic (Bonus) | Infected (Hidden)
Skills: Charisma 3 | Fitness 5 | Handiness 3
Relationships: Dylan Sigworth – Husband | Christie Sigworth – Daughter

Dylan Sigworth

Age: Young Adult
Career: Stay-at-Home Dad
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Brash
Traits: Bookworm | Genius | Perfectionist | Quick Learner (Bonus)
Skills: Cooking 6 | Gardening 2 | Gourmet Cooking 4
Relationships: Jess Sigworth – Wife | Christie Sigworth – Daughter

Christie Sigworth

Age: Child
Career: Grade School C Student
Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Warm
Traits: Active
Skills: Creativity 9 | Motor 2 | Social 3
Relationships: Jess Sigworth – Mother | Dylan Sigworth – Father

Household Notes

  • The Sigworth household lives at Riverside Grove in the StrangerVille Plaza neighbourhood.
  • The household description hints that there’s something wrong with Jess. Looking at her trait panel, she has the hidden Infected trait, which afflicts Sims who have eaten bizarre fruit. This is related to the StrangerVille Mystery story, but the player does not have to play through the story if they decide to play as Jess.
  • Jess is featured in the official reveal trailer.
  • Dylan is unemployed and has skills in gardening and cooking, which suggests he is a stay-at-home dad who cares for their daughter Christie while Jess works on the military base.
  • There is a stack of papers in Jess and Dylan’s bedroom which can be searched for evidence if the player chooses to pursue the StrangerVille Mystery story.

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