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Eclectic Arts Household

Household Description

The Eclectic Arts Household consists of three friends who have decided to cut ties with the modern world in order to explore their inner creativity. They received a large sum of money from their parents and are using it to explore their creative dreams in a less hectic town.

Alice Martin

Age: Young Adult
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Walk Style: Feminine
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Creative | Music Lover | Bookworm | Muser (Bonus)
Skills: Guitar 3 | Piano 6 | Violin 6
Relationships: Mark Eggleston – Acquaintance | Leslie Holland – Acquaintance

Mark Eggleston

Age: Young Adult
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Walk Style: Swagger
Voice: Clear
Traits: Cheerful | Art Lover | Bookworm | Gregarious (Bonus)
Skills: Gardening 2 | Logic 4 | Painting 2
Relationships: Alice Martin – Acquaintance | Leslie Holland – Acquaintance

Leslie Holland

Age: Young Adult
Career: Unemployed
Aspiration: Bestselling Author
Walk Style: Perky
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Goofball | Bookworm | Geek | Muser (Bonus) | Infected (Hidden)
Skills: Comedy 4 | Logic 5 | Programming 5
Relationships: Alice Martin – Acquaintance | Mark Eggleston – Acquaintance

Household Notes

  • The Eclectic Arts household lives at Dream Weavers Way in the Shady Acres neighbourhood.
  • The Eclectic Arts household stands out from the other premade families in StrangerVille, mainly because they appear to be the only “normal” household in the town; however, upon closer inspection, Leslie has the hidden Infected trait, which afflicts Sims who have eaten bizarre fruit. This is related to the StrangerVille Mystery story, but the player does not have to play through the story if they choose to play as Leslie.
  • Leslie’s hidden trait offers storytelling opportunities to players. It appears that this group of friends moved to StrangerVille having no knowledge of the town’s problems. Leslie’s infection has the potential to involve the household in the StrangerVille Mystery story.
  • None of the Sims’ aspirations coincide with their skills, which may suggest they may be bored with their current creative pursuits and are looking for new creative outlets to express themselves.
  • Although there are three Sims in the household, their home only has two bedrooms. This might point to a potential romance between two Sims of the player’s choosing.
  • The Eclectic Arts house is the only residential lot in StrangerVille that has no file boxes or paper stacks that the player can search for evidence during the StrangerVille Mystery story.
  • Alice is featured in the official reveal trailer. Mark can also be spotted briefly in the trailer.
  • Alice is the protagonist of the Welcome to StrangerVille! comic series.

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