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The Sims 4 PC & Console: New Update + Patch Notes (July 23rd 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new update for The Sims 4 on PC, Mac and Console!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right-click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update.” For console players, your game should update automatically however if it doesn’t simply go into the game options and you will be able to update from there.

For PC and Mac users – In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the menu and select Settings. Under the” Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

Update 7/23/2020

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.29

Hello Simmers!

Are you ready to Get Knitty With It? I hope so, because The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack will be available next week. While you wait we invite you to relax in your favorite rocking chair and envision a not-so-distant future filled with digital sweaters, socks, plant hangers, and baby onesies. And when you’re done with that why not peruse these patch notes to see what’s new?

In this update we have addressed a few issues and we have made two small additions to the Base Game.

You can now name your cowplant! Because cowplants are a member of the family, too. The kind that eats other family members, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less. It does mean we sometimes have to lock the door to their room to make sure no accidents occur (or unlock the door when playing the Black Widow challenge…)

The popular Base Game inset ceiling light, The Subtle Saucer Light, now comes in a smaller version, The Super Subtle Saucer Light. This is something builders and machinima makers have asked for and we’re happy to deliver. We’ve also lowered the price to a mere 50 Simoleons to make these more accessible when building starter homes.

-SimGuruSarah Ft. SimGuruRusskii

Now onto the fixes:

Sims 4

  • Fixed an issue that made Body Shapes and Skin Tones in Create a Sim to be highlighted as if they were newly added in game.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Nerd Brain Aspiration’s goal to Upgrade or Repair any bed to not be completed. Upgrade away!
  • Error Code 134:54350669, Error Code 134:b378c837’s evil twin, has been defeated… for now.
  • Fixed an issue for Consoles that made the Control Layouts be covered by in game messaging. Similarly, we fixed some buttons in the display that would show incorrectly per context.
  • Has this ever happened to you? Your Sims are in the privacy of their bathroom, and suddenly there is the smell of smoke? If your Sims have experienced a… “burning sensation” while satisfying their Bladder need – no more! Thanks to F1xABuG*. F1xABuG deals with all symptoms of flammable bladder functions, patch today!

*F1xABuG will not relieve all fire related incidents while in the bathroom, Sims still will possibly experience flammable encounters if they are Angry or have had Spicy Food. Fire may also still be experienced if Simmers have installed Eco Lifestyle and choose to Compost upgraded toilets with no Insect Farm on Lot. F1xABuG is not responsible for any other side effects, such as Reticulating Splines.

Cats & Dogs

  • We trained our Cats and Dogs extra hard so that they do not disappear from your Lots to others randomly. They are all good and best boys and girls, 15/10 will pet them all again.


  • Summer Strut and Winter Holiday Radio Stations have changed conditions in which they will award related Moodlets. Summer Strut will do so only during the Summer and Winter Holiday during the Winter. Moodlets will be awarded only if Sims are explicitly told to Listen to the station. Just having it on in the background will not award the moodlet.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Restored missing color swatches for the Freelance Crafter’s Create a Sim career reward items.
  • NPC Sims will no longer follow enacted policies in their home neighborhood if Sims travel to another neighborhood or world before the voting period ends.
  • The “Angled Staring Window – by Distended Window Inc.” has been fixed to render properly… no longer it will look like part of it is missing for sure!
  • Fixed an issue that made custom music to not play when added to the Americana Radio Station.
  • Added some clarification to the Instant Enact N.A.P Water Conservation informational tooltips so that Simmers can have more information about the actual benefits of the policy. An informed Simmer is the best policy I say.
  • Fixed an issue with the Eco Innovator and Master Maker’s Aspiration icons, now they actually look Gold in color.
  • Made a correction on the health status text for insects in the Insect Farms. Insects are not actually “Dead” if Simmers neglect them, but they become “Miserable.” Treat them right.
  • Fixed an issue in which apartments in Evergreen Harbor displayed gaps between stairs when playing in Low Medium graphics settings.

Spa Day

  • New Age Radio Station has changed conditions in which it gives the Focused Moodlet, Sims must already be listening to the New Age Station. Moodlets will be awarded only if Sims are explicitly told to Listen to the station. Just having it on in the background will not award the moodlet.


  • Fixed an issue that made custom music to not play when added to the Strange Tunes Radio Station.

Tiny Living

  • Fixed an issue that Tiny Living’s toddler hair options in Create a Sim would clip if Season’s asset puHat_EP05Trucker would be used with them.

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff. You'll find me knitting a collection of Lil' Grim's because why not?


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  • has anyone else had the problem with city living where nothing was showing up from the pack?? i hope they’ve fixed it

  • oh thank you i bought the cats and dogs pack the day this bug started happening right after that update, and couldn’t even play with my new pets as they kept going null through my floor, i was so depressed & it took forever to fix! thank you for finally fixing that!!!<3

    • I dont know if youre on console or pc but its happens to me when ever theres an update i have to redownload my packs which takes a bit of time i dont play pc but try and redownload it and If that doesnt work then i dont know wish you both luck

  • ok, ok…so you do listen after all and fixed my pets finally…im sorry for what i said about knifty knitting while i was hangry…i just feel deeply, that more things should be free for base game. small things! and maybe some aspirations, bc i feel ive already spent so much money on get to work. $40 packs in particular, are just a lot for some of us more “fund challenged” parents you know. im not talking about stuff pack prices, or even the smaller packs, but i do wish the sale prices, where actually the prices of the expansion packs all the time…i will always love you no matter what.<3 lol

  • What about my sims endlessly baking cakes, playing instruments and practicing acting in the mirror?! I am so tired of the cake baking!

    • Mine does pushups and stretches constantly even when she’s on another task such as writing a term paper, she will break out to these exercises every 30 minutes

  • I have this really strange issue for awhile now where I have items showing in the decor/toy section as new and highlighted but then NOTHING new actually shows up in those tabs, it is driving me kinda crazy. it’s very similar to the CAS highlight issue you just patched. hoping maybe this one can get fixed too in time.

    • I have had that one also for about 6 months. It turned out it was one of the color swatches from a toy/decor piece from strangerville. For the moment one of the floor pieces from ecoliving is giving me the same problem. But I haven’t found out yet which one it is.

    • Went into a save and one of my sims randomly aged up her son and the toddler is glitched right out, but only in game in case he looks normal

  • I didn’t get the peeing fire glitch until this update also my sims now obsessively do push ups, like they stop whatever they’re doing constantly to do push-ups

  • So they made the Sims peeing fire glitch into a feature? Why!? I’m tired with seeing toilets being set a light.

  • The game started being wonkey. My sims in CAS were TPosing and not talking/moving and if I changed their walk style they started glitching real weird. Also all my floors have turned into question marks. Never had problems with TS4 before this update.

  • So just to be clear, I appreciate and respect the game developers who have the talent and ability to entertain us with their works which I couldn’t have made myself. That being said, there’s a few things I’d like to say not as greedy demands but as honest criticisms.

    1) So many glitches. We get it, this stuff isn’t as easy as some might think and you’re dealing with console and computer versions at the same time with a LOT of separately arranged content to make compatible and play nice. Honestly though as much we enjoy getting new cool stuff, I would rather spend 18 hrs waiting for the “we fixed everything for real this time” patch to install, that your entire development team dropped everything else to work on together for the next 2 months, than spend 40$ on a new expansion and get a few more glitches.

    2) Patches always seem only partially successful. I get the impression that there isn’t enough playtesting being done to ensure reliable fixes, or simply identify glitches early to save the trouble of needing several patches in the first place. This somewhat falls on the simming community to make a strong effort to bring glitches to light. However, that part seems pretty well covered and I don’t consider it outrageous for me to request a little more quality assurance from the developers. Especially considering that many games you simply buy once and enjoy but this game is one that asks you to buy, and buy, and buy some more, making your total investment into the “Sims universe” very costly indeed. Even by modern standards a price tag that high should at the very least get me a game experience that is fully functional by it’s own intended design. That means no broken quests because of faulty mailboxes that won’t deliver my coconuts and no dysfunctional careers because saving or traveling will upset my focus and make me not go to my once every three days job.

    3) Last but not least, the change that was made to the environment scoring system… Please. Change. It. Back! I understand that you had a vision and this new system worked perfectly the way you wanted it to specifically for the Eco Lifestyle pack. Here’s the problem, it ONLY makes sense within the entirely Eco Lifestyle environment and it ruins the game everywhere else. Just a few minutes looking through posts about “poorly decorated moodlet won’t go away” will reveal that many players have spent a lot of time and simoleons making beautiful homes that are now pointless because their once thriving sims have become disgusted with every room. There are lots of posts that claim that method to turn it off is not working, and in my case I don’t even -have- the Eco Lifestyle pack. I’m sorry but this has been a very undesirable change that none or very few of the paying customers asked for or are enjoying and it definitely should never have been applied to the rest of game. Maybe some of our sims are very “industrial” and actually like and enjoy things that way and don’t live in the pointedly eco-friendly vs. industrial-footprint location. I and many others really don’t appreciate the damage it’s done to our builds because it forces the entire sims world with an iron fist to change everything with the message of “Your sims must be Eco or they’ll never be happy” and that is NOT ok. The whole point of the Sims is the freedom to make any kind of person, any lifestyle, any occupation, any personality, and have them interact any way you want with whoever you want in whatever kind of home you’ve built for them. This one change takes -all- of that freedom away by making them uncomfortable at all times… unless they go Eco. Not ok.

  • Has anyone else’s game now not loading after this update? I played it all day yesterday. Update installed this morning and now it wont load, I get a white screen and then the game crashes and doesn’t load any further. Any ideas on how go fix would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  • Awesome, that should fix the more annoying bugs.

    Can they please add that hidden metal wallpaper to the catalogue now?

  • Ever since eco lifestyle came out, ive had this irritating glitch where lumps of clay and future cubes keep appearing in my sims personal inventories?! Its really annoying as it makes my sims ignore commands to play with them instead. It also randomly makes sims use the sketchpad which appear out of nowhere, not even randomly spawning in their inventories, and violins sometimes too. Was really hoping theyd fix it in this patch

  • I’ve had an issue ever since the update where my sims are just stuck and won’t do anything. Overall the game has been super buggy since the glitch. I’ll tell a sim to do something and they’ll walk to the object and just stand there. I’ll try and reset them but then they teleport back to where they were standing when I told them to do something.

  • The new update has made eveything look like something out of a joker comic. I dont know if it just mine but everything is blue and red with green question marks ??

    • This is happening with my game as well. Even Sims that do not have CC now have invisible parts and/or red/white question marks all over them. I have taken out ALL of my CC and still this is an issue. I’ve tried to play in some other saves but they are not loading at all. I’ve restarted the game several times and still the creepy Joker-esque Sims are there.

  • My random townie sims keep coming to my house and stealing my stuff and I have to re-buy it. It usually turns into clay when I go to the household inventory in the townies houses. Kind of annoying..

  • Just curious to see if anyone else has been having some issues with child Sims not going to school? I press Go to School and it doesn’t even show up in their queue.

    • I’VE BEEN AHVING THE EXACT SAME PROB! Don’t know what to do about it either! I feel like I’ve looked up everything

  • I play on a console and it keeps kicking me out of my game. I lose all my progress. It’s really upsetting.

  • I have an issue where on any community lot and in there own home with guest’s fights start for no reason.

    • If you have the Eco pack they could have enacted the rough housing plan. The easiest for is to right click on the mailbox and instantly repeal it. then right click on the mailbox again and instantly enact a different neighborhood plan so it can’t be voted back in! If you don’t have that pack I’m not sure what it could be.

  • Not sure if this is a bug or not. But random sims will help themselves into my house or even community limits and steal things! It’s very annoying!

    • If you have the Eco pack they could have enacted the sharing is caring plan. The easiest way to fix it is to right click on the mailbox and instantly repeal it. then right click on the mailbox again and instantly enact a different neighborhood plan so it can’t be voted back in! If you don’t have that pack I’m not sure what it could be… I’ve seen this same issue with folks who say they don’t have that that plan voted in.

  • Anyone else having a problem with CC and Mods not working after the update? Like MC command Center. It worked before the update yesterday. I have the most recent version and it still isn’t working. None of my CC or mods are. Thanks.

  • Could we please now have the option to save our pets’ coats? We have all those tools to make, paint and personalize them but we can’t save any to put on existing pets! Saving in the gallery resets the pets. I would like to see our creations in the game…
    This was a feature we had in the sims 3…

  • The past two patch notes, I have waited for the “my sims will stop auto baking cake at every available oppurtunity” fix. Like the sims are baking 10 cakes in a row. I don’t like playing with zero autonomy set but that is the only way I have been able to prevent that. Please fix glitches that interfere with game play? Like the sims have stopped their assigned function (i.e write a book, book dinner, paint, etc) to bake another cake. Its always white cake or sugar free cake.

  • I’ve had a problem in that clay and the magic cubes have started appearing in all my sims inventory’s. And it’s not like one or two, it’s about 8 at a time. Of course this is great money wise as I just sell them immediately but I would like to stop having to check my sims inventories every 5 mins as more will just appear out of nowhere. Anyone else have this problem?