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The Sims 4: Small Additions Coming with the Next Update

The Sims Team has revealed some of the minor features and changes coming with the upcoming Sims 4 Update in yesterday’s The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Deep Dive Livestream!

The first feature that they’ve shown off is the new Super Subtle Saucer Light – which is a much smaller version of the regular Saucer Light that we already have in the game.

The Super Subtle Saucer Light will be of the same light intensity as the regular version of this light, except that it’s much smaller. You can see these two lights compared in the screen down below.

The Sims Team has also modified the pricing of these saucer lights and they’ll now cost 50 Simoleons each. This change has been made primarily for those who like to build Starter Homes or just like to plop down the light and see how they can decorate the interior.

The other small addition that the team has included with the upcoming update is the ability to name your Cowplant!

It’s not known if these are the only additions and changes coming with the next Sims 4 Base Game Update, but we’ll know for sure when the patch drops soon before the release of The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack.

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  • if not prices of these lamps, it’d be useless addon as we can make them smaller using cheat ;) btw I’d love to see more off grid stuff to use plus eco living fixes are really needed, but I likes free content ideas, but cowplants should be also not dying while sim is longer off from his lot

  • isnt there a mod for the light already? i wish they stopped taking “inspiration” from the cc community tbh….

    • No. There’s a glitch in the game that lets you adjust the light, as well as any other item in the game. Just press the “[” or “]” to adjust the size.

      • That’s not a glitch, it’s a feature. And there is a mod that does exactly this except the mod makes the lights cause $1 instead of $50.

          • Agreed with Jake. Some of us love the cowplant and want to see more things that can relate to cowplants.

          • If you were ever involved with the sims community you would know that Lilsimsie made a yt video a couple weeks ago where she made a point that we can name the meat walls but not the cow plant which is base game. Literally in the stream they named the cow plant Lil Simzee. Her impact

    • It is a mod, it’s called subtle saucer override, I think. Agreed, I don’t see why make it “official” by adding it in the game when the mod is perfectly fine.

      • People on consoles cannot use mods. Or they don’t wanna download too many mods. Plus this allows for quickly placing the light.

      • For me, it’s always nice when I can remove a mod or custom content from my folder. Makes room for something else or just makes my folder a little bit lighter. In this community the gurus never seem to win. When something is modded even something like a light – some players grumble that it should already be in game (even though mods are for customizing the game as you may or may not agree with the decision the gurus made on a feature). And when the gurus make it an official feature, sometimes due to high demand – some players grumble “well it’s already a mod”. Same sort of grumble with the cowplant (mod that can name it exists) or with detailed bills.

      • Why are you people complaining about having an actual FREE feature added in that would make ppls life easier. Am confused.

  • Mine stopped working through Origin. Went to play and needed an update. Clicked to get the update and it closed all the windows. Never installed the update. Same thing happened repeatedly.

    • I had this happen as well. Try right-clicking Origin to run as Administrator, then update through there. It should update without shutting the windows down. I hope that works for you.

    • You might need to close all of the Origin processes, clear the Origin cache/temp files, reboot, then update Origin & Sims 4. There is a step by step guide on how to clear the files on EA’s help forum. If you Google clear origin cache, it will be the top result (second result will get you there, too).
      This is what worked for me when I was having the same problem. Hope it helps :)

  • I was kind of hoping they’d fix the MAC eyeliner to make it less. uhm, “tadpole-ish”, and while they’re at it, GIVE US DOORS WITH SILVER DOORKNOBS… and more colors wouldn’t hurt, either, like a TRUE white. And it wouldn’t hurt them to match the color shades from pack to pack, either. Guess it’s too much to ask for some fluidity.
    Just soooo tired of those overdone gaudy gold doorknobs on all the doors.
    They can create new worlds and that useless knitting pack, but can’t give us more swatches of doors and a color wheel. *shakes head*

    • Im sure they could give more swatches but now a color wheel would take so much work and be nearly impossible! And the “useless” knitting pack was voted on by Simmers and the Sims team put so much work into making us happy. Chill out, enjoy what they do for us, and maybe you’ll get more swatches in the future <3

  • How about they just make one update that fixes the damn bugs. My game has been crashing over and over and over again for weeks. And my sims won’t fucking stop baking cakes. And their report bugs system is garbage theres not even an option to report game crashes on their website. Fix that shit or GTFO.

    • Eco Lifestyle. The pack launched in alpha state. Forget beta. It wasn’t even ready for beta. Every core feature of it is broken and it seems like it’s bugging the game in other ways. I imagine it’ll be a few weeks yet before we get a patch, because it needed another 2-3 months of development time before being released. My biggest fear is that EA’s “two EPs a year” drive will mean they have to put all of their effort into being able to push another EP out the door within the next 5-6 months, rather than being able to finish the EP they already sold people. And the time needed to finish the EP we’ve already bought means the next one will either launch in similarly buggy shape or end up being another Game Pack sized “Expansion Pack.” The move to push out two packs a year without hiring on an entire second EP team was just dumb.

  • Are people seriously so lazy that they can’t be bothered to hit a key 3 times and shrink the light? Really?!!

  • Hi guys it seems like pc sims 4 has more features and benefits than ps4 or Xbox players why is that? Is it because we as ps of Xbox players need to buy the expensive expansions or I just don’t understand its the same game after all?

  • At this point in my gameplay, careers have been an issue for me. The lack of them is infuriating. I’m over the 3 careers from get to work. I’m expecting more of them so I can travel with them

  • Gee thank you, you’ve screwed up my whole game play. The last patch makes it so I can’t build a community space lot. Really sucks big time, I have all the packs, and so on.

  • Can we be allowed to make a farm with cows,horses,sheep,goats some duckies and chickens and a zoo a big retail mall more clothing and wallpaper and hairstyle designs???? And drive cars and push prisms again taking babys and toddlers out little toddler parks or the door or farms shops etc??? I’d love to make loads to this and for prices paid dont seem alot on to game really some beaches that can swim and float dingys in avoiding sharks etc deep sea diving courses I’d love more of all this. Horse stables car garages more varied celebrity faces and designs loads can add to bring the game more exciting like I loved the first sims going abroad winter,summer or camping spring in diffrent destination why these ones dont show as much excitement add more in please, taking the dogs out holding 2 leads the list can go on. Dating sites and builders to do secret dates etc roll on some more excitement it’s much needed. We be very greatful and game be highly rated Don’t think can build ponds and have some garden sheds and green houses too or grow your own hydroponics lool use can put so much in more takeaways Indian,Chinese chicken and chips. Do big kids play fresh centre like Charlie chalks, whakey warehouse with a bar, criminals murders, dealers and a prison to go to visit them be so good all this in the game been hoping for ages. Horse and carriages funerals and visiting In hospitals

    • Grass grows and can cut the grass, people asking for money loads can do even making abroad better fitting more on the map being alot more in each map, having triplet or quadrets, plastic surgery and when it goes wrong (Not all the time though) and all items should be unlocked to use and make more staff In the restaurants shops etc, do a cinema, going on boat journeys in weird places discovering new items and treasures or skeletons hidden on beaches and ice cream van and burger vans driving past, hire dog walkers bigger land for homes and shops each, sky diving all around the world cruze visiting diffrent country’s renewing passports in airports making it more fun of put little post office and newsagents selling alcohole,fags sweets chrisp etc walking around a supermarket with lots of food to chose from with trolley and basket option car parks docters surgery pharmacy, laundrette and pantomimes in evening weekend more family trips and picnics chalets abroad sitting on airplanes. Duke of Edinburgh awards kicking,cannoing swimming competitions more carers models, fashion designing, rspca be nice to get some more little petting animals though loads to add in and a 10 person family etc. Please at least add some in to the game making it more exciting school trips being in the location when it’s happening etc consider some at least please even horse riding around town home etc. And wall fish tanks etc. Sea life, Thorpe park candy floss caravan trips, holiday parks toy stores walking around again with trolleys etc drive through takeaways as well as diffrent deliverys, more carpet designs etc

  • Hey guys, doesn’t anyone have the issue that photographs taken by sims get totally black? I don’t know how to fix it

  • Hi,
    I thought I’d add some ideas to the list of things to add to the new Sims 5 addition.
    More car styles like mustang, camry, off road vehicles, and motorhomes to travel.ability to upgrade car at a repair shop with rims, music, etc
    Open world concept- ability to add/build playable venues. Like a drive thru McDonalds, starbucks, with interactions.
    More terrain abilities to alter all world terrain, like build new roads, construction company, of there needs to be elections, presidential house, nominations, kinda like the summer festivals in seasons.
    More interactive parts in general.
    Just a thought!!Angie

  • If I’m honest, I’m new to Sims 4 and having bought the game for my daughter, she encouraged me to let off steam after work and showed me the ropes. However, the game is on the xbox one and the add ons are expensive. When they half priced the get to work bundle, I thought “ooh all the children will have great fun playing this with extra lots in new worlds. In fact you don’t get new lots. It was expected to be similar to the base game lots and was a major disappointment that more shops etc could not be put on there.
    So I have to say that unless they decrease their pricing or add more to the extensions, I can’t see how they are any more use than the base game

  • So happy for this smaller light i use it all the time thank the sims i dont have size it down all the time. And am on ps4 so no mods or cc.