Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

The Sims 4 Star Wars – Journey to Batuu: Official Assets

The Sims Team has shared with us some of the official assets from The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack!

Down below you’ll see the official logo, renders, screens and more as we update the post. Check out the assets!





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  • I’m gonna buy it. I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy gameplay. I know its not for most people and its probably not the best time to release this one. They could have put a farm pack or a hobbies pack first but I’m still excited

    • They really need to put out a hobbies pack. This would’ve been a good time to do so. I really hope they update GTW aliens at least but I doubt it.

  • I will no longer have a complete collection when this pack comes out bc I will not be buying this. And I spent money on My First Pet Stuff

  • Why do people think that just because they either like or dislike something that “half or 90%” of other players agree with them. The lack of respecting other people’s right to like or dislike something without being completely rude to them just blows my mind. We all do not like or play with toddlers or babies. Not everyone likes building. There are people who play that don’t enjoy the game play aspect. The Sims is a place where you play with life. And let me tell ya’ some of ya’ll don’t roll with punches well lol. I’m excited for something different and new. Sorry but 20 years of complaining really can wear you down…..

    • Totally agree! People think they speak for a majority of players, but we’re all different. I haven’t bought toddler sets, but Star Wars? I’m happy to have a build and play in that pack!

    • BECAUSE NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS. It makes sense to respect people when it comes to occult or time travel, but not a god damn money grab like this. Watch the trailer. Literally the only selling point is the Star Wars name. There is nothing interesting in this pack. Most of the time we were just watching sims do interactions we already have in the game, just this time they were in costumes…. “Ohhhhh so fun and cool, more costumes”. Like at least in the occult packs there is something for everyone, but based on the trailer and gameplay feature descriptions, this pack only caters to those interested in Star Wars. And before you try and use your “babies, elders and family gameplay” bullshit on me, I don’t care about this things, I like fantasy elements in the sims. This pack concept just isn’t good. It would’ve been better to create a space themed pack with minor references to Star Wars. Not a full blown pack that non-Star Wars nerds aren’t going to understand.

      • Yeah, honestly though. They already have references to the movies with what already come with the game too. They have a princess laia dress and the girl with the blue testicles. And Darth mall and literally the baby Yoda decoration. And seriously, I enjoy star wars. I didnt enjoy the new ones much though, but literally I never heard anything about sims and star wars together how is this suddenly a thing when I’ve never heard anyone ever ask for something like that. There so many lil things that could be added in, with updates or packs like farm things and hobbies they could do. I really kinda cant believe something like this is coming out with what sounds like zero opinion on it from fans, and doing something barely anyone was looking for. I would so much more appreciate a general space pack. That would be amazing. Doing a star wars pack.. that just is lame.. star wars isnt very good anymore. Disney messed that all up and the franchise is like cancerous… a d sims fight with light sabers sound completely ridiculous. And I’m rather disappointed by whoever’s idea that was.

    • the community’s response to this pack has been terrible, Felita. Wake up. No one is being rude. We are simply stating our honest opinions.
      Go to the youtube trailer, to twitter, to the official forums, to fan forums, to fansites, to reddit, to tumblr… just terrible. I mean, sure, there’s one or two people that like it, but the vast majority don’t, sorry.
      Also, that “Sorry but 20 years of complaining really can wear you down…..” was completely unnecessary. No one has been complaining for 20 years, honey. Be realistic, please.

  • Star wars is it’s own franchise so why did they choose to incorporate it into the Sims franchise? I ain’t planning on buying the pack but that icon… is gonna haunt me on that menu screen.

  • We dint want your media crap to commercialize star wars, we already got literally shitty remakes. This isnt goi g to add actually nice stuff to the game. Like more activies and more swatches or a color wheel. Ya know things that actually make sense. This literally upsets me.

  • I’m fine with it but why the hell would they do this knowing it was the least wanted? Shouldn’t it be the other way around. ‍♀️

  • Like excuse me, no one asked for tar wars. Can we have things like werewolf and fairies back, goddamn EA what are doing?? Do you need some help in the office these days? Some more opinions to be heard around some table so you all dont do this shit show

  • Why the least voted for pack?
    Please just give us a farm pack, resort pack, dance pack, theme park pack and be able to interact with babies/toddlers more.

  • Sigh. Great, another crappy pack. Good job EA. my first pet stuff, eco-living and knitting were bad enough. Why can’t you just listen to your fan base? You’re putting all this time into making these packs, why not make things that were actually asked for? Smh. The sims just isn’t what it used to be. Disappointing.

  • Im buying it. I can’t wait to play it. If you guys show more about it some sims4 fans might buy it and change there minds.

    • Not everyone likes family game play or building. What’s your point I’m sorry that you don’t like it but that doesn’t mean that you should hate on the interest of others

  • Can we please get a farm pack and be able to have horses and livestock!? This is so stupid and not what fans want at all. Not everyone is a big enough Star Wars fan to care about this expansion. It would be like shoving Harry Potter content onto the players and not everyone is a fan of that.

    • I feel like adding four or five more living things and lots big enough to make farming viable would break the Sims4. I’m sure they’re trying to figure out how to do it though. It wouldn’t have mattered what they decided to collaborate with. A good portion of the community wouldn’t be into it. Clearly this was made for Star Wars fans, who are legion. We dwarf the Sims community by millions. Many of us don’t understand how this will work with Sims but that hardly matters, we’ll figure it out.

  • Why does EA keep giving us stuff we don’t request? I want a farm pack or at least horses. I paid $40 for the Eco expansion and I wish I hadn’t. If I wanted to play Star Wars, I’m sure Steam could help me out. I hope at least that the science career will be able to tie into this.

  • You obviously underestimate the love and dedication of the legion of fans of that Star Wars name. It’s ridiculous how shocked and pissed off so many people are about this. It’s seriously almost funny. I watched people realize when the icon leaked that it was likely a Star Wars pack and then frantically speculate on what else it could possibly be, because Holy plumbob, it can’t be Star Wars. Sorry People, it’s Star Wars. May the Force be with you, always. “StarWars4ever

    • I’m pissed off at some people cos they can’t see that this is EAs way of easy cash and a big franchise like Star Wars is bound to draw in more audience in. People of the Sims community have been asking for years for specific things but they’ve been shut down and constantly ignored time and time again. The time we thought EA would listen to us was when they gave us a survey on what we would like to see next in the game but unfortunately it felt like it brought false hope and we felt lied to after seeing the recent pack being released.

  • If you don’t like it, stop complaining. There are many of us who are excited. Thank you EA for providing something for the rest of us that don’t do the 100 baby challenge.

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