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The Sims Team is Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on Twitch

The Sims Team is hosting a livestream on Twitch today at 11AM PT to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. The stream will be hosted by @SimGuruDana, @SimGuruRusskii, and @SimGuruSalo. The Sims 4 Global Community Manager, @SimGuruFrost, has also hinted in a tweet that there will be “surprises” included in the livestream (and it’s not babies).

You can tune into the livestream on The Sims’ official Twitch channel.

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  • This makes me wonder if every single hype announcement they make is going to be accompanied by a “*it’s not babies/cars/farms/whatever”, because I’m all for it, tbh. Better that than have an outrage every time there are hints of new stuff coming.

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