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The Community Reacts To The Upcoming Scenarios Feature


In the latest Inside Maxis Livestream, we were introduced to scenarios. This is a brand-new feature for The Sims 4 that will be landing in game next week for all players.

If you missed the Livestream yesterday or don’t know what these new scenarios are, they are official, pre-made Challenges created by The Sims Team. While, we will be starting with two scenarios next week, these being “Making Money” and “Finding Love After a Breakup.” We will also see a variety of new scenarios, including “limited-time” scenarios, added in the future.

You find out more in-depth information about the upcoming scenarios feature as well as check out the replay from the Inside Maxis Livestream here.

The Community Reacts To The Upcoming Scenarios Feature

If we were to look back to mid-September, The Sims Team revealed the Season of Selves. Along with the image featured above, the community was given an insight into what was planned to be coming to The Sims 4 over the next several months. The image hinted about something that would add dimensions to our Sims’ lives, more ways for us to customize spaces with colour, and unlock new ways to play. While there was a lot of speculation as to what this could be, a number of players thought that we may see the addition of the Colour Wheel in some form or a new feature we haven’t seen before in The Sims 4. This speculation continued up until the most recent Inside Maxis Livestream.

Now that we know that the feature described is in fact the new scenarios, the community appeared to have mixed reactions to the reveal. While a number of players seemed to welcome the new feature, there were many players who remained undecided and some who felt that the new feature would be similar to some of the well-known community created challenges.

Just to recap, during the livestream, the first two scenarios were discussed with “Making Money” being showcased, but we also were told that the next two scenarios would be titled “Too Many Toddlers” and “Perfectly Well-Rounded.” Although we currently don’t know any more information about the latter of the two. It appears that The Sims Team have plans for adding new scenarios on a regular basis going forward.

The Community Reacts To The Upcoming Scenarios Feature

Here’s a look at some of the thoughts and opinions that the community had after the new scenarios feature was announced.

Simsontherope also made an interesting thread sharing his thoughts on Scenarios.

As well as Chani_ZA who also shared her thoughts on yesterday’s announcement in another thread.

With such a variety of different thoughts and opinions on the topic, it will be interesting to see how The Sims Team progress with scenarios, as well as what additional ideas they have for future scenarios.

There are definitely a number of positives, negatives and even just being unsure about scenarios at the moment. This is still a fresh announcement where we all have questions that need answering but are still waiting for many of those answers.

Let us know what you think about the new scenarios in the comments below or over on social media!

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