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The Sims 4: Preview Into Upcoming Sims Deliveries

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During the Inside Maxis Livestream The Sims Team has shared more details about upcoming Sims Delivery Express Drops coming to The Sims 4 Base Game!

In case you don’t know what Sims Deliveries are – they are free content updates and additions to the game that get patched in the moment you open your game.

During the livestream the team has shared a preview of TWO drops coming to the game. Let’s take a look into each one!

February 2nd Sims Delivery

The Sims Team partnered with a Custom Content creator ComplexSims to bring you 3 unique Create A Sim pieces! Although the team hasn’t revealed all of the pieces we can expect, they did share a Concept Art preview of a new robe coming to the game, including some of the swatches you can expect in-game. You can expect this free addition to your game on February 2nd!

The Sims 4: Preview Into Upcoming Sims Deliveries

Upcoming Sims Delivery

Another Sims Delivery that you can expect during this season is an addition of a Braided Ponytail Hair to the Base Game. Plus, there are 6 new recipes inspired by East Asian cuisine, including Sticky Rice Cake, Steamed Fish, Cold Noodles, Nian Gao and more that you can see in the preview below!

The team didn’t specify an exact release date of this Sims Delivery but you can expect it to drop in either February or March.

The Sims 4: Preview Into Upcoming Sims Deliveries

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