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SPECULATION: The Sims 4 Infants Update coming Next Week!


Rumors on The Sims Streets suggest that The Sims 4 Infants Update is releasing very soon!

ARTICLE UPDATE: There’s a new update for The Sims 4. Unfortunately, the Infants remain to be a rumor as they’re not included in the update. The next release suggests at January 31st during the Community Livestream.


Before I begin with this post, please note to take anything mentioned here with a grain of salt and to keep your expectations set. Nothing is officially confirmed as of yet. This post contains information based on previous patterns and hints.

Remember – It’s All Relative! 😉

An interesting Season is ahead for the players of The Sims 4! A new “It’s All Relative” Season teases many new releases, with a strong focus on the upcoming Expansion Pack and Free Game Update. Many players have eagerly been waiting for the Infants Life Stage Update since Behind The Sims Summit in October. Today, it seems we’re closer to the patch and the proposed “Early 2023” teaser.

Let’s take a fun speculative ride and see if all the clues are lining up to the update being released next week.

The Sims 4’s Season 1 Roadmap for 2023

Yesterday Maxis released the first roadmap of Sims 4 releases for 2023. Covering new Kits, a Livestream and of course the community’s favorites – new EP and Update!

The Roadmap released started off strong, with the first thing being The Sims 4 Infants Life Stage Update.

Whether or not the new roadmap is in chronological order or not, other rumors confirm that the Infants Update is indeed the first one to arrive.

The Sims 4’s latest Laundry List

The Sims Team released a new Laundry List for The Sims 4 on January 10th. Covering Bugs and Issues that should be fixed with a new game update this month.

Following the patterns of previous Laundry List releases, it’s almost tradition now to expect a Sims 4 Update seven days after the release of a Laundry List if all goes right. Previous Laundry Lists have fallen in this line almost always 7 days before the Update release.

This one doesn’t look to be much different.

Tweet from TurboDriver

Popular modder behind big Mod Packs such as WonderfulWhims and WickedWhims (18+) has released a tweet comment in regards to the new roadmap. Strongly suggesting that this One Big Update is coming next week!

Laying the groundwork for upcoming Sims 4 Expansion Pack

The Roadmap itself gave away clues that the community has been gathering about the upcoming Expansion Pack since the first Summit! Considering that the Family-themed Expansion Pack will be released by the end of this March, it’s highly likely that the team will put out the Infants Update first before releasing the EP.

San Sequoia Concept Art from The Sims 4's Upcoming Expansion Pack
San Sequoia Concept Art from The Sims 4’s Upcoming Expansion Pack

Once again, it’s all relative. We’ll find out soon enough if the speculation turns out to be true and if the update will come out January 17th. Please keep your expectations set just in case the Infants Update doesn’t come out next week.

If it does, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way on News & Guides for this brand new Life Stage. Stay tuned!

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