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Studio behind “Cities: Skylines” is announcing a Life Simulation


Reports claim that Paradox Interactive is announcing “Life by You”, lead by Rod Humble

The reports are true! We have the first info about Life By You from Paradox Interactive.

Some interesting news are coming today for those who are looking for a fresh new simulation game! In case you haven’t caught on, we’re talking about Paradox Tectonic Life by You!

Last week we reported on the news about a big announcement from the game development studio behind Cities: Skylines. Paradox Interactive has announced a showcase for March 6th featuring showcases for different games lead by different studios within Paradox.

It’s been confirmed that one of their studios Paradox Tectonic is lead by Rod Humble. Who previously worked at EA / Maxis as an Executive Producer for The Sims 2. He also later claimed the role of Executive Vice President of The Sims at EA before stepping down in 2010. In March 2019 he formed an internal studio called Paradox Tectonic and now they’re announcing Life by You, which could be the first Sims 4 competitor.

Rod Humble creator of Life by You
Rod Humble as seen in The Sims 2 FreeTime, via Mod The Sims

Life by You – New Simulation Game from Paradox Interactive

Insider Gaming reported on the new details from the upcoming Paradox Interactive show, including the news about the new game called Life by You.

Life By You is a life simulator game from Paradox Tectonic. Insider Gaming wasn’t given much in the way of information, but Paradox will be announcing an upcoming show centered around the game to air on March 20. That is when platforms and features will be fully revealed, per sources.


cities skylines Paradox Tectonic
Cities Skylines – A City Building Simulation from Paradox Interactive

If Paradox Tectonic Life by You is any good as the city building sim from Paradox Interactive, we’re in for a treat. Still, it’s too early to tell what Paradox Tectonic is cooking up. Best thing to do is to tune in for the Paradox Interactive Showcase – which begints at 6PM Central European Time!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Paradox Tectonic game, Life by You? Join the discussion below and stay tuned for more updates after the show!

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