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Life By You: First Screens and Info

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Paradox Tectonic has teased their upcoming Life Simulation. Check out the first info!

Paradox Tectonic has unveiled the big project that they’re working on – a new Life Simulation!

Tectonic’s GM Rod Humble has been working on the project since 2019. He’s known for his appearances in The Sims 2 FreeTime, as well as being the Executive Producer and Vice President of the Studio. Rod had a lot of involvment in The Sims 2’s lifecycle, and worked on the development of The Sims 3.

Today, he is back with a whole new Life Simulation!

Life By You – First Look

During the Paradox Interactive Show, the hosts introduced Paradox Tectonic and their announcement with this:

We’ve been asked questions on what our studio in Berkley, CA – Paradox Tectonic has been up to. We’re happy to tell you that it’s a new game. But not only that – but a new genre. This is super exciting and new to us that we can explore and take further.

We’re going to tell you a lot more about this game going forward during Spring. We’re going to start with a little teaser trailer here at Paradox Announcement Show.

Life By You Teaser - Join us March 20!

Paradox Tectonic and Rod Humble will do the full video game reveal on March 20th. Until then, check out the first Screen previews of the game!

House Building in Life By You

Check out the first look at some of the new tools coming in Life By You. Allowing you to create Houses from scratch.

Also, is that a car that we see on the driveaway?

Open World and Cars?

Following your characters around the world / neighborhood seems to be possible in Life by You! There are certain venues that you can spot on the right that sell motor vechiles.

Most of the areas within the world seem fleshed out and accessible!

Cars in Life by You
Life By You – Cars!

Vast Environments

There are huge areas within the teased world that characters can explore. If you look close enough, you can spot a character doing Yoga and another character hiking!

Characters Gameplay

We’ve got a first look of the characters in Life by You! Specifically, the homes that they live in and furniture that they use.

In this screenshot below you can see a vibrant kitchen and a character preparing food!

Life By You - Kitchen
Kitchen By You!

Living Room and Interactions

The preview below showcases two characters having flirty interactions. There’s also a child walking down a huge hallway.

Check out the preview of new living room furniture!

Life By You - Gameplay Teaser
Life By You – Gameplay Teaser

The last scene showcased a beach, inviting players to find out more on March 20th.

Life By You - Beach
The Beach in Life by You

More News to come!

We’re really excited to see what Rod Humble and Paradox Interactive have prepared for us. We’ll keep you posted more on the information about Life By You in our dedicated news category. Stay tuned!

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