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The Sims 4: Pets & Seasons Fanmade Renders

These Fanmade The Sims 4 renders will make you want Pets and Seasons even more!

We’re pretty hopeful that Seasons will happen in The Sims 4 at some point and we’re 100% sure Pets will happen soon after the recent leak. For now the community is enjoying speculation and talks about how Pets and Seasons should look like in The Sims 4.

The Sims Forums member Dreagen1 took a step further! She posted a couple of fanmade renders she created all by herself. For now there are five fanmade renders for The Sims 4 Seasons and three renders for The Sims 4 Pets.

Check them out!

We’ll make sure to update this post with more renders in case more pop up!

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  • Broken Plumbob

    I cant wait but there is a playful moodlet for toddlers that has a dog on it and it says whaga whaga on it

  • I love how fantastic these renders are. The Sims 4 Community are so talented when it comes from building houses to renders to even mods. I’m so glad to be apart of this fandom when it comes to the artistic stuff

  • Jessica

    Such a tease.

  • Catherine Bevis

    I love them all, I wonder if the Toddlers will be able to ride the big dogs like that.

  • Nuclearxpotato

    Gotta say that most of these have a fanmade “aura” to them, except for that last one. That straight up looks like it is an official animation.

  • AccaliaBaronets

    Don’t tease me like that.

  • mari98x

    I hope the animals look a little more realistic than that ): lol. I want to see furry dogs.

  • ufobri

    So cute ! I can not wait until we finally get seasons and pets ! 🙂 I can’t believe how talented some people are

  • disqus_kFIk6MEd8V

    I don’t like seeing unofficial renders. IDK why, they instantly annoy me. If it’s not real from the source, I don’t want to see it.

  • Just Frankie

    Sad that its practically a fact that you won’t get the impact and world effect of that of the sims 3 seasons, terrible game just terrible, something aimed at people aged 11 to 18.

  • Nina White

    Omg Dreagen1 your amazing! & all the sims community! Yay can’t wait if they do come out!