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SimCity Update 9 Now Available


Below you can find the Update 9.0 release notes. The release date of Update 9.0 will take place on 12th December 2013 starting at 09:00am PST (…tenance&iso=20131212T09&p1=224). We expect to have the servers offline for a few hours to complete the update roll out on all servers.

Attractions set: Available to everyone, the Attractions set includes five attractions: Giant Garden Gnome, Dolly the Dinosaur, Llarry the Llama, MaxisMan Statue and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. Each attraction adds happiness and will also act as a tourist destination in your city.
MegaTowers: Fixed issue where in some cases Sims in populous MegaTowers would not move efficiently between levels. This will address the issue some players have seen where apartment levels request shopping while mall levels request shoppers when there are enough shops and shoppers available in the MegaTower.
MegaTowers: Fixed an issue where Sims in Megatowers were sometimes complaining that there were not enough jobs when they were actually overworked on too many 24 hour shifts. Sims in this situation will now accurately inform players that they are overworked. The excess jobs require more workers to fulfill the needs of the work deficit.

Note: The issues the MegaTower updates address may be difficult to recover from within an affected city. If you chose to work through this period of time it may be a while before you experience the full changes. Alternatively, you can demolish MegaTowers within your city to take the changes straight away.

Maglev: Fixed some cases where Maglev trains would no longer run when many trains group together at the same station.
Maglev: All Sims that get on the Maglev will now reliably disembark when reaching their stop
New: Support for Mac trackpad, mouse, magic mouse support. Pinch to zoom, two finger scroll to pan the camera, two finger rotate to rotate the camera
New: Added Option for turning off motion blur. This gives you a more customized experience for better performance
MegaTowers: Tuned so that radiation has more of an impact on MegaTowers. Sim Feedback will alert to radiation causing a decrease in happiness
MegaTowers: Should no longer complain about the lack of shoppers and not enough places to shop at the same time.
Health: Sims will no longer complain about too many deaths after MediDrones are placed in the city and the deaths per day reads zero
Processor Factory: Fixed an issue where bypassing Medium Tech industry buildings and just having high tech industry buildings would would lead to the Processor Factory remaining locked
Mac: SimCity will correctly update when enough disc space has been made available
Mac: Fixed an issue where the ‘Disable Random Disasters’ would revert back to ON after restarting SimCity
Trading: Power, Water and Sewage services provided to neighbors will now generate income for the city providing the service
Trading: ControlNet services provided to neighbors will now generate income for the city providing the service
UI: Amount of Sewage treatment available in the region will be more accurately reflected
Sandbox: Demolishing or turning off prerequisite buildings in sandbox mode will no longer cause their corresponding modules to become locked for Academy, OmegaCo, and MegaTowers.
Graphics: Fixed issue where futurized planes would change to regular planes after landing
Random Disasters: Previously queued disasters will no longer occur after disabling them in the in game options.
Achievements: Regional achievements unlock more quickly when the correct criteria are met.
Launch Arcology: Fixed an issue where the Launch Arcology would not accept new colonists after being turned off and on.
Garbage: Fixed an issue where garbage trucks would go back to the depot at 6pm in densly populated cities even though there was still garbage to be collected
Streetcars: Addressed an issue where Streetcars would get stuck and group together
OmegaCo: Production of OmegaCo will no longer display as producing x out of 0 crates and drones
Graphics: Futurized bridges will appear futurized in region view

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