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SimCity FreePlay is on it’s way!

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SimsObjekt and SimTimes are reporting that SimCity FreePlay is on it’s way to Android and Apple App Stores.

We’ll make sure to update you once we find out the release date!

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Translated from Deutsch:

This new SimCity mobile game features a system for resource management in which you establish different materials such as wood, stone, concrete, etc., to build buildings or to improve.

In this new SimCity game, you have certain tasks such as the production of resources do to make new buildings and expand areas of the city. The more a building, for example, value (which depends on the income from layer), the longer construction times.

The new SimCity game is offered free of charge. The application also provides the ability to purchase items such as game currency in the game. The in-game currency you can use in different ways. You can use it to shorten the construction time and buy missing resource that you need for the construction and expansion of the areas.

The game builds on the foundation of authentic SimCity brand and has been optimized for mobile phones. This genuine city-building simulation allows you to control your city, manage, edit strategically and tinker it – and the whole thing with a groundbreaking graphics in 3-D quality.
The only 3-D city-building simulation for mobile phones in which it is possible is, your thumb and index finger to zoom in and zoom out and see a 360 degree view. Enjoy the experience, with a tap on the phone to pull up entire buildings. Wherever you are on the go: You decide yourself how long you play.


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