ShortList: 15 Things You (Probably) didn’t know about The Sims

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Early in 2000, with PC gamers engrossed in the worlds of Roller Coaster Tycoon and SimCity 3000, a new contender for the simulation crown emerged from the Maxis stable.

The Sims had sounded so mundane to early tester groups that creator Will Wright had feared his game would never make it off the ground. It would go on to become the biggest selling game franchise in history.

The following facts and trivia will enlighten even the most die-hard of Sims creators – but if we missed any amazing facts, be sure to share your own gems in the comments bellow.

The Talent

What do Kung Fu PandaMegamind,Monsters vs Aliens and The Sims have in common? The all feature the vocal talents of Stephen Kearin, one of the original voices of the male characters of The Sims. Female Sims were voiced by Gerri Lawlor, with additional voice parts recorded by Sean O’Connor, Laurel McCarl Kapros, Paul Rausmussen, Eli Sibley and Melissa Roberts.


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