Sims Community 2.5 is here!

We’re happy to say that an improved version of Sims Community 2.0 is here – Sims Community 2.5!

We made lots of new changes, so let’s start with the eye-catching ones first.

Home Page – the Slider now fits perfectly with the Header!


Posts – look of new posts are now updated and are in full width – just like pages!

Sidebar – Sidebars can now be opened by clicking on the icon with 3 straight lines in the header. They can show up on any part of the site! You can scroll down by hovering over with your mouse/finger on the Sidebar if there’s more content.


Likes – you can now like a certain post! To do so, click on a post and select select ”# Like(s)” – # – number.


Loading – loading of a sertain page/post has signifiantly decreased!

What do you think about the updated version of our site? Tell us in the comment section below!  😀

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