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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Delete Floor tiles and Wallpapers

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You probably noticed that when you try to delete a floor tile using the sledgehammer tool or the remove floor option when you click on a room, it simply removes the entire floor, not just a tile you want to remove.

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If you try to add a new floor tile, it simply goes over the existing floor tile without deleting it and giving you Simoleons for it.

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To delete a floor tile, click on Floor Patterns and select the Masonry pattern category.

The first floor pattern on that category is the Construction-Quality Concrete. That floor tile is used when adding new rooms and it costs 0 Simoleons!

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Simply place that tile on any floor tile you want and you’ll get Simoleons for deleting the old one (must be at least 1 Simoleon more expensive).

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The same thing goes for Wallpapers. You can’t use the sledgehammer tool since it will delete a wall, not the wallpaper.

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To delete a Wallpaper, go to the Wall Patterns section and select the Paint category. The first pattern on the list is a Drywall, which is also used when building and adding new rooms.

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Add it on any wall pattern and you’ll get Simoleons for ”deleting” the old one (must be at least 1 Simoleon more expensive).

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