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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to extract Household Photos


Before we begin with explaining how to extract Household Photos from The Sims 4, you need to know that for this Tutorial you’ll need The Sims 4 Package Editor. (Click Here to download it).

You need to create and save the Household in order to generate a photo of your Household (duh).

For more angles and screens of your Household, click on the Randomize Portrait icon before saving.


Now, open Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and make a copy of localthumbcache package file in a different folder.

Open S4PE file and in that program, select File > Open > localthumbcache that you copied.

Since these Household photos are one of the largest files in localthumbcache, sort the items inside this package by clicking the Filesize sort so that the files go from biggest to smallest.


Select files from the top and then file by file to the bottom until you find your Household.

Now that you’ve found your Sims, right click on that file and select Details.


In the Type section, remove every letter and add 0x3C2A8647 and select OK.

type1 type2

Since S4PE for some reason confuses file groups, you’ll need to select a file that’s a different type than the file you edited.


Then, right click on the file you edited and select ”Export to Image” option. Select where do you want to save it, name it and select Save.


Your Household photo is now finished and ready for use!


You can also use these same steps and extract each Sim individually. Just seek for your desired Sim in the files and follow the steps above.

sim1tutorial sim2tutorial

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