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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: 02/01/15

01 02 15 4 44 PM

It’s time for another The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight! Simmers were really creative the last 7 days so lets get started..

New England Charm (Download Here)

By wrathofcath

This beautiful, New England themed home is perfect for any Household with over 2 Sims.

#wrathofcath #noc c#4br3ba #family #pool #moo This home has lots of room for a large family with a great backyard including outdoor kitchen, pool, gardens and playhouse for the little ones.

Value: §256,392
Size: 40×30
Type: Residential

01-02-15_4-16 PM 01-02-15_4-21 PM

Majesty (Download Here)

By SimmyLexis

Although it’s not furnished, this Residental Lot is a beautiful canvas that’s waiting for you to be painted!

Built this house for MagicalMunicorn! Check out the Speed Build of this house on YouTube/Twitter – SimmyLexis #munihouse #modern #daroofdaroofisonfire #sexy #cute #sims4

Value: §27,511
Size: 30×20
Type: Residential

01-02-15_4-26 PM 01-02-15_4-27 PM

Luxus Loft (Download Here)

By Nicole240586

This Home is a perfect combination of Fancy, Modern and Cozy!

#luxus #loft #modern #white #garden #pool #fountains #mansion #expensive #rich #bedroom #villa #luxury

Value: §242,760
Size: 40×30
Type: Residential

01-02-15_4-33 PM 01-02-15_4-30 PM01-02-15_4-38 PM

Highgarden Palace (Download Here)

By Findjoo

Only Sims with a massive wallet will be able to enjoy this fairytale Palace…

NO CC 🙂 pls activate MOO and place it on build mode 🙂 enjoy the beauty view of garden palace,for more creation look in my profile tyvm<33

Value: §788,502
Size: 50×50
Type: Residential

01-02-15_4-44 PM 01-02-15_4-46 PM01-02-15_4-49 PM

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