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Hi guys! Jovan here.

As you may have noticed in the past couple of weeks, our site became VERY unstabile. It actually got to the point when whenever I upload a picture it goes down for a couple of seconds.

The reason behind this is a huge number of visitors that’s growing rapidly every day. I’m very happy to have so many fans and followers but sadly, our server are not so much.

The new Server costed simply too much and we just couldn’t afford it. I’ve made a decision to speak to our fans and see do they have any will to help us out and what are their opinions on us opening a donation page for Sims Community’s new Servers. In return for their support, I promised some fresh new features that I’m sure our visitors would simply enjoy. The idea was still in development so I couldn’t promise too much!

Out of nowhere, a loyal Simmer named Thoddy (and I have to admit – I’ve never met him or talked to him before), has decided to help us out and donate (before we’ve even set up a donation post). I was so happy as some other people on Twitter and Facebook were willing to donate as well. I told him that we’re still setting up a donation page until he made it clear that he’s willing to pay the FULL EXPENSE of our new site server! I was completely shocked as the price to upgrade to a server of an Ultimate Speed isn’t cheap at all. As a person who never received such a generous offer in my entire life I just couldn’t believe this until he further explained his great deeds and the reason for helping me out. He sucessfully sent his payment and we purchased a new server that’ll be able to support lots of our visitors!

Before I continue with what should you expect from this Upgrade, I’d like to thank Thoddy for covering our expenses and for being so generous! If you have a Twitter account and you’d like to thank him as well, you can do so HERE! I’ll probably never meet such an amazing person in the near future and I’m glad he showed me that there are miracles!

So, when should I expect this server switch?

– In the upcoming days. We have a lot of media and images to transfer from from one server to another but I’m hoping it won’t take too long.

For how long will the site be down during the switch?

– 1 Hour maximum.

What are the benefits of this upgrade?

– You’ll be able to surf through our website without any stutter. We’re also working on new features that you should expect in the coming months. Although I can’t reveal much, there is one feature that I’m particularly proud of called SimSupport! What is it? Well, it’s up to you to figure out 🙂

Huge thanks to Thoddy once again and everyone who were willing to donate! We have such an amazing fanbase and I couldn’t be more happy to have you Simmers as our visitors!


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