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The Sims 4: New Objects from Patch! (10/03/2015)

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With the release of the new Patch for The Sims 4, The Sims Team have added 2 interesting new objects.

In Create-A-Sim, you’ll notice a brand new Hat with 3 different color variations celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

03-10-15_10-52 PM-2

03-10-15_10-40 PM-3 03-10-15_10-40 PM-2 03-10-15_10-40 PM 03-10-15_10-39 PM-8 03-10-15_10-39 PM-7 03-10-15_10-39 PM-6

Since Simmers WooHoo’d over 5 Million times on the Valentine’s Day Weekend, we are rewarded with a brand new gnome (and will be rewarded with 2 new Hairstyles next month).

Bare Essentials Gnome (Environment: 1)

Stripped of all modern trappings and shorn of any responsibility, the Bare Essentials Gnome is a titillating effigy of the squat Sim form at its most diminutive state. Encased in a grid of decent propriety and ensconced in one’s shame, this gnome enters your home as one enters the world – naked.

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