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Let’s Play The Sims 4 Get to Work!

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Matthew House, Jean Valecuona, Glenn Cassinora, and Mallory MacKenzie are rooming together as they embark on their careers.  What will their dynamics be like living under one roof?

Matthew House wants to be a Doctor.  A recent graduate from university, he is ready to put his theory to practice!

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Jean Valecuona is actually an ALIEN FROM SIXAM! She ran away to explore the Sim world, but is now quite homesick.  Wanting to be reunited with her family, she needs to join the Scientist career to build the portal.

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Glenn Cassinora had a rough childhood, and his life could have gone down a very dark path.  He chose to persevere and become a Detective to help people like him and ensure justice is done!

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Mallory MacKenzie is a free-spirit, fighting the authority type girl, who is also trendy and fashionable.  Unable to take direction or orders from anyone, she has decided to open her own retail business and sell clothes in her style! But can she actually run a business?

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I am a YouTuber, Sims story teller and wannabe Interior Designer. I love sharing my Sim's stories with the community and tips on how to design your homes quickly and easily. Happy Simming!

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