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The Sims 4 Get to Work: How to cure your Sick Sim

The Sims 4 Get to Work: How to cure your Sick Sim

Oh no! Did your Sim get:

  • Llama Flu?
  • Triple Threat?
  • Itchy Plumbob?
  • Burning Belly?
  • Starry Eyes?
  • Bloaty Head?
  • Sweaty Shivers?
  • Gas and Giggles?

Don’t worry! All of these diseases can be cured in an instant.

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Find a Computer nearby in your Household. Click on it and select Order > Purchase Medicine.

TS4 2015-04-04 18-30-05-04

There’s only one type of Medicine available, but it’s just enough to cure your Sick Sim (or Sims). You can order more than just 1 Medicine.

TS4 2015-04-04 18-30-13-14

After you’ve made your Purchase, you’ll be able to find the Medicine in your Sim’s inventory. Click on the Inventory icon, find the Medicine and select Take Medicine.

04-04-15_6-31 PM

The Medicine will cure your Sim and give you a 4h Energy Emotion boost!

TS4 2015-04-04 18-31-23-34

If the Illness returns just use the Medicine again, but don’t use it unless you notice any symptoms of illness. If you use the Medicine on your healthy Sim it’ll give you a +1 Dazed Emotion boost that lasts for 3 hours.

TS4 2015-04-04 19-00-05-12

You can also help get rid of the Illness symptoms and decay the Illness Buffs faster by Drinking Tea or Orange Juice!

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