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Are Pets coming to The Sims 4 soon?

Update #4: We finally have a possible hint for Cats and their arrival to The Sims 4. We updated the post from Dogs to Pets :)


Thanks @TheSims4RU for the tip!

FYI: So far we’ve had Hints about Dogs and Cats. Here’s a Survey that was released in March 2014 that could tell you what features should we expect.

Pets – Create perfect – or imperfect – pets for your Sims with a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, lizards, rodents, and birds. Teach them tricks and enter them in talent shows, or simply hang out and watch them destroy your neighbor’s yard…more pets means more fun!

Dogs – Use the new Create-A-Puppy to design your Sim’s new best friend! Teach your dog tricks, train him to hunt collectibles, play with toys, and even enter him in a dog show! Raise your puppy and help him grow! Will he age up to become friendly and loyal, or aggressive and independent? Your interactions with your dog shape his future!

Update #3: DOTsim found out that there’s another object that hints at Dogs; Dalmatians to be exact!


If you look at it, this isn’t the first time that EA has done a hint for a future Pack. In the Base Game, there was an object called ”Commemorative Freeze Ray” that wasn’t usable, but it was certainly hinting at the interactive Freeze Ray that comes with Get to Work (Scientist Career).


Update #2: The Sims Social Channels posted a new screenshot from Get to Work for their Doctors Blog, but there’s a bubbly hint in that screenshot that’s certainly worth mentioning in this post:


Update: The Sims Germany Official Facebook Page asked:

What is needed for a very good Pets Expansion?


This could really mean that Dogs (or any other Pets) might make their return to The Sims 4 soon!

Thanks @TheSimplyNando for the tip!

An Easter Egg was found in the object description of the new objects! It looks like a simple Object Description, but if you look closer, Dogs and Babies were mentioned 3 times repeatedly. Could we be getting a Pets Addition sooner than we thought?

Does your baby or dog pose so adorably that you simply must capture every single moment? Is your phone so overloaded with baby and dog pics that you don’t have space for apps? Pick up the Appreciably Average Digital Camera and free yourself to take as many pictures of your baby riding your dog like a cowboy as you could possibly want!

TS4 2015-04-12 11-55-04-31

 Thanks November_11Sarah for the tip!

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  • Could the mention of babies hint at toddlers too? I mean yes I know it says baby but if they put toddler that would be a complete giveaway? It just seems like so much emphasis was out on dogs and babies, but we already have them?

    • I really want todlers and pets too
      I also want them to put in horses too
      And university live and into the future one

    • Plus, the baby is only a baby for like 3 sim days on normal and they don’t really do anything that your sim could take a picture of…

    • Remember they are doing two expansion packs into one so generations with pets is a possibility and so is a late night with bon voyage/world adventures type of pack!

    • It’s never to soon for animals. The sims is supposed to be as lifelike as possible! Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Horses, Cows, Guinea Pigs……….

  • It’s not too soon! They might have been working on the pets ep since launch. I wish people would stop underestimating the developers.

  • I seem to recall a “leaked” survey where dogs and cats were in separate smaller packs instead of one big expansion… since in this there is no mention of cats, that was my first thought. But who knows. Any cat easter eggs anywhere XD

    But with the art style, I bet the pets will look so cute!

  • the mention of babiesis maybe a hint at toddlers and the mention of dog is maybe a hint to pets
    I hope they will release a expansion pack of all the pets in TS2 and TS3 including toddlers

  • The baby may be a sign of toddlers How I noticed the babies could be toddlers: Of course newborns are stuck to bassinets and they are probably a little too young to interact with pets. Toddlers on the other hands can. When it said “your baby riding on your dog like a cowboy” it sound more like a toddler to me…..

  • Well speaking from previous games, Pets have always been a later expansion pack. If we look at The Sims 3, Pet’s was the 5th expansion pack.

    In The Sims 3 we got: (leaving out stuff packs)
    The Sims 3
    The Sims 3: World Adventures
    The Sims 3: Ambitions
    The Sims 3: Late Night
    The Sims 3: Generations
    The Sims 3: Pets

    So taking that into The Sims 4:
    The Sims 4 (and free DLC/updates)
    Outdoor Retreat (similar to World Adventures)
    Get To Work (similar to Ambitions)

    I’d say we at least have a “Late Night/Date Night” expansion first, and possibly a “Generations” ep, before we can expect pets, just speaking from previous games and patterns. But who knows?

    Either way I’m REALLY excited for the future of The Sims 4. ^_^

    • Past pack order means nothing. Universities were 1st in Sims 2, but 9th in Sims 3. World travels were 1st in Sims 3, but 6th in Sims 2.

      I wouldn’t link Sims 3 expansion packs with both expansion and game packs for Sims 4. Game packs are replacement to Sims 3 store and Sims 2 stuff packs. Expansions are released every half a year since Sims 2 and the rest is intermediate content. So, Outdoor Retreat is nothing to do with World Adventures. Actually, we could see a full expansion about world travels later.

    • I don’t mind pets being first if that’s what EA planning to do, but I absolutely agree that there should be a Late Night/Generations expansions.

    • From a later date, let’s see how we look now, without stuff packs.

      The Sims 4(Base Game)
      Outdoor Retreat(World Adventures Type)
      Get To Work(Ambitions Type)
      Spa Day(Extra Extra Read All About It Type)
      Get Together(Late Night Type)

      Hmm… so maybe toddlers first? As a sort of Generations Equivalent?
      Then we are likely to get pets. I would like it if they took all from the previous Pets Packs and combined them, i.e:

      Customizable Pets(via a Create-A-Pet type thing)
      Playable Pets(Via a OH MY GOD SO MUCH YES type thing)
      And, to make it new, Pets with emotions(Sad Puppy=Presto, your heart is now missing)

  • Basing the EP release off previous Sim games is ridiculous. The team for Sims 4 is trying particularly hard to listen to what long time sims fans love in their games. They’ve added basements and pools and new careers – all things that we’ve begged them for because we loved them in the previous installments. It’s not too soon to ever release anything awesome. The reason pets may have been released late previously (IMO as I’m a 3D animator and modeller myself) is that it probably took a bit of time to create all those characters and figure out how to implement them without the game completely bugging out. Our four legged friends are a lot more tedious to create than bipedal (human) characters!

    So on that note, I hope they bring out pets soon.. I really liked the horses in TS3 but unfortunately, unless they have some world/lot changes, like a new world with a stable or something large enough to keep horses, I cant see them bringing them in. But one can only hope, as mentioned before, with the art style they could turn out really cute!

  • I’m happy we might be getting a Pets expansion but I am I the only one bummed out that there are no horses? I’m from the south and horseback riding has been my life. Kind of disappointed it won’t be my sim’s life.

    • Wait… No horses?! Yeah they are doing an awesome job and all and dogs and cats are OK but no horses. That’s the only thing I was really excited for. So I just waisted like 3 hours of my life building ranches that aren’t even going to serve a purpose. Plz plz they must come!

    • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO US!?!?!?!? SOME PEOPLE WANT TO SIT AND WATCH THE WORLD BURN AND ITS SIMS FANS TOO!!! (PS I also do riding and most of my sims in the sims 3 end up with a horse one way or another)

  • The thing is, that I remember Grant (When he was still on twitter) say that pets was the hardest expansion to make because it was basically like remaking the base game. Which makes sense, seeing as how you need to make the animals sizes and shapes, traits, interactions and stuff. I’d be very surprised if pets was next, seeing as the sims 4 hasn’t even been out a year yet. Unless animals are just ridiculously easy to make this time, (or they’re objects like babies :( doubtful but a scary thought…) . Who knows.

  • Pets is my all time favourite expansion! Especially after how involved we could be in sims 3. Pleaseeee release it soon!! ❤️ I’ve played the sims since the first one. Pets and Magic are the best!!

  • When is there gonna be pets in Sims 4? My favorite part of Sims was when there was horses. Now in Sims 4, there is no horses! I miss them! WHen is there going to be horses!?

    Greetings Nanna ;)

  • I think one of the most awaited expansions is pets. And the most popular pets are probably horses or dogs. I know for a fact that dogs are 99.9% coming. But horses…..

  • I Think It Be Awesome Add Few New Pets I Mean Maybe Have Ferrites And Maybe Others Never Been In The Sims Like Having A Pot Belly Pig Be Cool Too

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if the sims did a generations EP. in which they add toddlers and/or preteens (come on, that would be AWESOME!!) and maybe for the old people they could add like a little village for them, sort of like a old age home. and introduce awesome things like the slip and slid or even beaches (Come to think of it the sims should have maybe added beaches in the base game, right?) and a little more of an option with the traits. and maybe (probably the most important thing ) not make it may entire life savings?

    • That would make sense. If you ignore the stuff packs, then they are following the pattern of Sims 3. Base Game, Outdoor Retreat/World Adventure, Get To Work/Ambitions, Spa Day/WTF, and Get Together/Late Night.

      More ages(Like Generations) is the likely path to go now.

      Honestly, I’m fine with the closed world, but I would love it if they gave an option to just be able to walk over a neighbor’s house and Knock on the door. I don’t want loading times to skyrocket, but if you are going to have a closed world, separate by neighborhood, not by lot.

  • Some extenstion packs might come sooner because of how some things from past exstention packs were already put in sims 4 alone without the exstention packs

  • I just want horses and cats xd I’m really curious if they’d make unicorns and zebras and that stuff… :)


  • I think that they should have more dogs and cats then horses. The sims 4 seems more like a suburban area to me so I don’t think they will add horses and the lots are smaller so I don’t think horses will be a part of pets. I feel like they should have pets that suburban people have. Dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, birds,turtles,fish,etc. But not horses. If they make horses I feel like they should add a country type town where people can have endless amounts of horses like in sims 3. But in the suburban town of sims 4 they should stick with typical pets. I also think that they should have a little size adjuster so that we can make either really tall dogs or really small dogs. Like in sims 3 all the large dogs were the same height. A great dane is not the same height as a labrador. And they should let us have different hairstyles/clips for poodles.

  • I am most excited for pets to come out, its 100% my favorite expansion pack! I think they should bring in careers to do with pets, for example a vet, a pet shop owner, a breeder! they could also make it so pets could get involved in careers, so if you have the get to work expansion pack your dog could become a police dog!

  • Is open world ever going to be here or very quick loading screens? I wish and I now alot of other people who wants that to. :(

  • It’d be awesome to just have not only dogs and cats, but all kinds of farm animals.
    Maybe have special Chickens that lay golden eggs that you can sell for simleons or even use in cooking and it fills energy, hunger, and fun for 8 hours.
    So many good ideas for them to take into consideration. But so much time and effort. Good luck developers, make us proud.

  • As soon as a pets expansion comes out, I’m buying it, I NEED pets!
    And not just dogs and cats! ALL kinds ^_^ Sims 4 is suppose to be better than Sims 3, so I expect A LOT from this pets expansion.

    I hope hope hope it’s very soon :)

      • Hey, we WILL get it. Don’t despair. It is a classic as the Cowplant…

        Oh my god. The Cowplant… the Cowplant will be central to the pets expansion! It is the closest thing we have to an animal in the game!

  • “Cat Loves Food” one is a joke about Team Four Star’s DBZ Abridged. Yamcha records a stupid cat commercial song that goes “Cat loves food, yeah yeah yeah!” Yamcha’s signature move is also the Wolf Fang Fist. So, take that “hint” with a grain of salt.

  • PLEASE add horses. They could make room for them by adding another world. I want my sims to raise horses and compete like The Sims 3. Normally I wouldn’t bother with it but I like The Sims 4 so much better because of the many design changes and how much easier it is to use it. You know what? I hope they don’t add horses, because if they do, I would be stuck in a Sims cave that I would not ever want to come out of.

  • Pets is definitely comming for the sims 4. It has been one of the most selling expansion packs for all of the 3 franchises in The sims.
    My guess is that it will be the 4. expansion pack, as it was the fourth expansion in both 1, 2 and 3!
    It will probably be comming next year in fall/autumn :-)

  • I would also like them to add pets like little ferrets as well, and turtles, and hamsters, Don’t forget about the little guys ^_^

  • I REALLY do hope that they bring pets into the Sims 4 because “Life is better with pets!” Also, if they do bring pets into this, I hope that they add few more things like, maybe, some more career options? Maybe a firefighter dog, or professional hunting dog? I mean, it’s a thought. I would also really love if they bring horses into our lives, I mean, what’s life without horses? I agree with other people when they say we need bigger lots too. So, if it’s not too much to ask, please bring back the pets. We all need them. They’re our life….. We’d all perish without them………

    P.S. It would also be nice if we had more litter critters too. Maybe a little pygmy goat or little pigs. Maybe some chickens too. I mean, in the Sims 2, the sims could play chess with a chicken, why can’t we own them then? (:

  • I am patiently waiting for the pets expansion! I think it could include horses (adding a new world of course like what happens in every expansion pack). I also think it would be cool to include a new profession with it so your sim could be a vet. They could start out being a kennel worker, then a receptionist, then vet assistant, vet tech ex-tern, vet tech, then branch into large animal or small animal tech, then vet intern in chosen area, vet in chosen area, surgeon in chosen area, or something along those lines. Just saying, it would be pretty cool :)

    What I would love to see:

    Pet expansion with Dogs, Cats, & Horses (at least) and small caged animals like gerbils and snakes and tarantulas and such.
    New Ranch type world with bigger lots for the horses.
    New career for Vets.

    Family expansion pack with Toddlers/Preschoolers & Pre-Teens/Middle Schoolers (so there’s babies, preschool age, elementary school age, middle school age, and high school age) Weather or not they’re going to make the existing kids stay elementary school or move them to middle school (i don’t think would be too hard) and make younger looking kids for the elementary school age.
    New career for Teachers (they had that one before)

    I think those two “expansion packs” is what would make the game feel more complete for me.

  • Another hint. Someone in the new ‘Get Together’ expansion has the last name ‘Le Chien’, which is French for ‘the dog’. If you want to find him, he’s in the Spin Masters club.

  • I Really Want Pets, Cause It would be cute if your kids could play with them, Take them for walks and ride horses, etc.. Come on sims, be realistic, Its supposed to be lifelike, So In life there are no pets?? So My cat is a robot? (Irl xD) come on guys! Please

  • In sims 1: pets was expansion pack number 4
    In sims 2 pets was expansion pack number 4
    In sims 3 pets was expansion pack number 4

    My guess is that EA will follow that :P It seems to be just enough time to create an expansion pack that is that complicated.
    I hope we will get horses back again! I really loved that in sims 3 :D

  • @ kyle dunbar I agree 100% I think they should create more animals and more effects and allow for your sim to go in competitions with their pets like showmanship or area’s that for the outdoor pack to be extended to such as trail blazing with your horses and take your sim’s friends trail blazing things that you and your horse discover , horses by nature are prey animals so most often they are jumpy.. you could make it that while your trailblazing a pack of wolves come up to your horses.. and you could make it to where the horses have a small chance to buck you off or just bolt off or friendly interactions depending on the personality type of the horse whether its more brave than other’s , and not just horses dogs could have showmanship competitions to go against different sims in game for endurance, stamina.. and behavior just some ideas, and they could even do more with the outdoor pack with the animals say your on vacation with your sims and a big bear just breaks in to your home and you risk getting attacked ( grim reaper appears) or you could hide and call the game warden or tame a stray bear cub to add to your family

  • I really hope that they come out with horses!!! They should add breeds and more colors so we can make amazing horses!!! I love the sims 3 pets but just imagine what they could make for the sims 4!!!!

    • Yeah horses are one of my favourite animals and I am really really looking forward to seeing them just galloping in a paddock they would look so graceful and elegant especially since the graphics are even better in the sims 4

  • I really miss traveling and pets,so maybe we could travel to Africa and go on safari!!..that would be cool :0)..and even send doctors to help the sick,would complement careers.

  • There will definitely be pets for sims 4.
    It’s typically the expansion that sells best.
    I dare say it will come this Fall/Winter even. Both in Sims 1, 2 and 3 the expansion was the 4th expansion for the game, and the 4th expansion for sims 4 is this fall/winter.
    I don’t think it’s too early either, when you think about how advanced Sims 3 pets was, and it was the 4th expansion pack in the franchise.
    As others say: I think that they have been working on this expansion since launch.

  • I want the SimCity 2000 pets, llamas, and crawdads(not sure what a crawdad is but was mentioned in the game it is possible I may have mistyped that name, I don’t remember the spelling that just how it sounded in my head when I read the newspaper for the game.

  • If they add bunnies, I will buy every single expansion and stuff pack for S4 out of sheer joy.

    Get to work, EA! Give us bunnies. Pretty please?

  • Does your baby or dog pose so adorably that you much capture every single moment?… “much”, such grammer, much wow… (“Doge – 2016”) <— Much Sims, Such Doge, So Add. Doge Confirmed…

  • I am hoping for sims pets too, would love horses. Anyway I have seen another hint for pets in Get Together ep, my sim went to watch current movie and it heavily featured a cat and a dog which screams pets ep cause why would EA bother making a video with a cat and a dog in it just for sims to watch when they would have to program cat/dog movements, noises etc if it wasn’t already part of an ep.
    Excited very much!! :D

  • I want cats and dogs and stuff!!! But one question: Is the update going to be in normal Sims? If its an expansion pack I WILL FLIP THE FRICK OUT GIMME MY PETS I CAN’T GET EXPANSION PACKS!!!

  • does anyone know the release date for this as when it comes out I am planning to do many YouTube videos on it, subscribe to my channel to see that content when it out @ seal nugget