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Are Pets coming to The Sims 4 soon?

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Update #4: We finally have a possible hint for Cats and their arrival to The Sims 4. We updated the post from Dogs to Pets 🙂


Thanks @TheSims4RU for the tip!

FYI: So far we’ve had Hints about Dogs and Cats. Here’s a Survey that was released in March 2014 that could tell you what features should we expect.

Pets – Create perfect – or imperfect – pets for your Sims with a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, lizards, rodents, and birds. Teach them tricks and enter them in talent shows, or simply hang out and watch them destroy your neighbor’s yard…more pets means more fun!

Dogs – Use the new Create-A-Puppy to design your Sim’s new best friend! Teach your dog tricks, train him to hunt collectibles, play with toys, and even enter him in a dog show! Raise your puppy and help him grow! Will he age up to become friendly and loyal, or aggressive and independent? Your interactions with your dog shape his future!

Update #3: DOTsim found out that there’s another object that hints at Dogs; Dalmatians to be exact!


If you look at it, this isn’t the first time that EA has done a hint for a future Pack. In the Base Game, there was an object called ”Commemorative Freeze Ray” that wasn’t usable, but it was certainly hinting at the interactive Freeze Ray that comes with Get to Work (Scientist Career).


Update #2: The Sims Social Channels posted a new screenshot from Get to Work for their Doctors Blog, but there’s a bubbly hint in that screenshot that’s certainly worth mentioning in this post:


Update: The Sims Germany Official Facebook Page asked:

What is needed for a very good Pets Expansion?


This could really mean that Dogs (or any other Pets) might make their return to The Sims 4 soon!

Thanks @TheSimplyNando for the tip!

An Easter Egg was found in the object description of the new objects! It looks like a simple Object Description, but if you look closer, Dogs and Babies were mentioned 3 times repeatedly. Could we be getting a Pets Addition sooner than we thought?

Does your baby or dog pose so adorably that you simply must capture every single moment? Is your phone so overloaded with baby and dog pics that you don’t have space for apps? Pick up the Appreciably Average Digital Camera and free yourself to take as many pictures of your baby riding your dog like a cowboy as you could possibly want!

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 Thanks November_11Sarah for the tip!

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