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The Sims 4: Go to School Mod Pack Announcement

Hey everyone, it’s me Zerbu! I’ve been teasing this for a while, but now it’s time for the big reveal: introducing The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack, currently in development!

Readers of Sims Community are getting this announcement before I post it on my blog!



(Thanks SimplyNando for creating the above logo and for the name of the mod, which was previously undecided)

If you have both The Sims 4 and The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack allows you to follow your Child and Teen Sims to school. The mod contains two new venue types: Elementary School and High School. You can download an existing school from the gallery, or create your own, in any location in the existing worlds.

Much like the open careers in Get to Work, when it is time for your Child or Teen Sim to go to school, you will be asked whether or not you want to follow them, and if you opt to follow them, you’ll be taken to the appropriate venue. Your Sim will then be assigned goals to complete, same as with open careers, which will determine performance.

That’s not all, though! It’s not as simple as going through the same process every Sim day: the mod features introduction days, field trips, a variety of events, and for the more mischievous Sims, even the ability to play Hookie while a (off-screen) hologram does the work!


Elementary School

A normal day at Elementary School has four main goals: Draw on the Activity Table, Play the Violin, Practice Typing at the Computer, and Experiment at the Chemistry Table. Each goal consists of using these interactions for 15 minutes. Your Sim will be given two goals at once you can choose from, which will continuously cycle between these four goals.

However, when your Child Sim actively attends school for the first time, they’ll be given an introduction day. Your Sim must complete each of the four goals only once, and then they’ll be given the goal to socialize and get to know classmates.

The third day at school will always be a field trip, so all Sims will get a chance to experience one, even those not lucky enough to roll one randomly. Field trips will be explained in greater detail below.

After the third day, random field trips and events can start happening.

High School

The High School is still being planned and the details of it haven’t been locked yet, but much like Elementary School, your Sim will be assigned a series of goals. The exact goals haven’t been decided yet, though most will involve skill building. There are also plans for introduction days like with Elementary School, but the exact details of them haven’t been decided yet.

Field Trips

When a Sim leaves to actively attend school, there is a random chance that they’ll be sent to another lot on a field trip. Both Child and Teen Sims can be sent to a Library or Museum. Teen Sims can also be sent to a Gym. Each venue has its own set of goals to complete.

The chance of rolling a field trip increases depending on the Sim’s grade. grade F Sims have no chance of a field trip, and grade A Sims have the highest chance.

When a Sim has an A grade, the “Rentable” venue type becomes available as a field trip location if you have Outdoor Retreat installed. Want a free field trip to Granite Falls? Then work hard and increase your grades!

Weekly Collection Hunts

For B and A grade Sims, there is a weekly Collection Hunt, on Friday for Child Sims and Tuesday for Teen Sims. Sims will be sent to a random lot in the world, and will be assigned goals to pick up collectibles and take photos.

For A grade Sims, the Collection Hunt is completely unrestricted: Sims can be sent to any lot in the game that isn’t an owned residential lot. Will your Sim be sent to Forgotten Grotto? The science lab? The forest at Granite Falls? Or just the old Willow Creek downtown area? It’s completely unpredictable!

Costume Day

Every Wednesday, Costume Day is held at the Elementary School. On this otherwise normal school day, Sims will come dress in costumes. Have fun being surrounded by hot dogs, bears and weirdly dressed Sims!


Of course, the mod isn’t all about working hard and succeeding. There’s also something for Sims who would rather be off having fun.

This mod brings a brand new skill for Child and Teen Sims, the “Hookie” skill. When a Sim has an F grade, there’s a random chance they’ll choose to skip school and send an (off screen) hologram to do all their work! While Sims are doing this, they will continuously build the Hookie skill. Being Energized or Focused increases the skill gain speed, although it’s a challenge to stay this way, since Sims will have a +4 Tense Moodlet because what they’re doing is risky – you’ll need to have enough fun to override it.

Once a Sim has reached level 2 of the Hookie skill, they are no longer required to be an F grade in order to skip school – they can randomly choose to do so any time.

To start with, Hookie will always take place on the home lot and the surrounding public space. As the Hookie skill increases, there will be more lots available for a Sim to be randomly sent to, until it’s eventually completely unrestricted.

* NOTE: Right now, parts of the mod (field trips to Rentable lots, the unrestricted Collection Hunt and high levels of the Hookie skill) depends on the fact that the game doesn’t block hidden lots and destination worlds from being chosen for career events. I can’t guarantee that this won’t change in future patches. If it ever does, I’ll try everything I can to fix it, but even then I can’t promise, so try not to get too attached to events that take place Granite Falls or hidden lots.

I hope you all have fun with the mod when it’s released! If any of you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments! I can’t guarantee that everything suggested will make it into the mod, but I’m trying to make it as big as possible. Not everything about the mod has been finalized, so there might be more features than is being announced here!

About the author

Zerbu Tabek

I have an interest in computers and technology, and have been learning programming since I was as young as 12. Years down the line, I learned other coding and programming languages, both used online and offline. Now, I have combined my programming ability with my love of The Sims to become a modder.


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      • For Highschool the building should be huge. Highschool should also have Prom as an event. You can ask lovers to be dates, and stuff for prom. It would be pretty cool.

      • A fully functional prom, with invitations, dates and everything would be too complicated at the moment. I do have ideas to fit in a kind of formal dance, but it won’t be as advanced as a fully functional prom. :(

        • Actually, if you want a prom, there is another mod. I wont be leaving the link in this reply, just search up ‘prom mod sims 4’. :)

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a new active career- The Teacher :D How awesome would it be to teach kids, and stuff. I hope you guys add this! :)

  • This mod looks amazing! It would be good if one of the objectives for high school was to flirt and get boyfriends/girlfriends or something. I’ve always thought teen romances in sims is so cute. It was also be really good for machinimas and story telling if teens would be flirting at school. Also will there be a teacher in schools or will it be independent. If not then that’s still fine. The mod looks so fun!

  • So happy for you Zerbu! And great amazing work!!! I will definitely showcase it on my channel and send the word!!!! So proud!! :D

  • This mod is absolutely amazing! I feel like money should be charged for it, that’s how good it is.

    But seriously?! Seriously?! It must have taken forever and lot of hard work to do this! But people are saying to add this and do that. Can we please just be grateful for the fact that you can follow your kids to school? I mean, we can’t have everything.

  • the high schools should use all/most of the basic subjects like English (writing books,reading books). P.E(Fitness), home ec(cooking/gourmet cooking), math(logic), science(logic/inventions), art(painting/photograpthy), music(instarments),computing(programing),shop(handiness) and some odd ones like gardening(herbilim/gardening)

  • The mod doesn’t work right for me and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. I have no other gameplay mods–only hairstyles and clothing. I put an elementary school and high school from the gallery that had the highest ranking and put them in my town. But whenever the game asks my kids to join, all the kids come to my home (or wherever my child is) and doesn’t work properly. It does work for my daughter’s game. I wonder if it’s because I’m playing a fourth gen legacy that was originally made way back in October. Idk…

  • I downloaded it and it won’t let my child go to school at all. It just says she doesn’t go to school and when the school day comes there is no option to go to school at all :|

  • This and your other Mod Packs are so innovative and truly the next big thing in modding, IMHO. I, like a great many others, sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you’re putting into creating these “multiplex mods”, Thank you. Seriously, “Thank You.” [said while gently nodding her head]

  • Sitting here thinking about Play Hooky and just wondering why the youth have to be failing to initialize this option? Its not just those failing who skip school. Particularly in high school, its often the cool kids who are making top marks. We skipped b/c we knew we could afford to due to our excellent grade status.

    What I’m getting at is asking you to also turn this option on for Teens earning A’s. Everything else would work the same in terms of where they can go initially and having to increase the skill in order to earn more venues. Maybe even allow them to build the skill a little faster b/c they’re smarter…. or not. Either way.

    Just a thought. Please don’t think me inconsiderate or ungrateful. I know you’re always busy working on one thing or another with the game b/c I have so many downloads of your work. You gift us with your heart through your talented creations and our asking for more doesn’t mean we’re not appreciative.

    Quite the opposite: it means our confidence in your skills and abilities is so strong that we believe there’s little that you can’t achieve. So we request and suggest hoping to fuel and share some small part of your greatness.

  • This seems amazing! I fact, right before dinner I was thinking of suggesting a new career: teacher. I think it would be a great addition to this mod. Also, when is this mid being released? I’m very excited!

  • I have a real problem with my sims 4 game. I have downloaded the sims 4 go to collage/university and the sims 4 go to school MOD. when it comes to following the sims to one of those places>>?, I do not have that option. ??? they go to school as normal , also with the collage/university mod… well my class seems to start in my house????. it asks if i want to follow, but goes no where and starts at home?

    helpp guys… ?

  • wait!!! how about a teaching active career??? i mean that my sim can teach children or teens in high school in different classes???

  • So i downloaded this I can’t remember how (lol.) But I did and I added it to my mods folder for electronic arts/(the sims 4) and the child goes to school like normal. Does it only work with the “get to work” expansion pack?!

  • I have tried everthing to download this Mod, but some how evertime I´ve searched for this Mod from Zerbu I recieve a note the says he delated is Website, I shall go to simcoummunity, what I did. But no matter how much I download this Mod, my Child can´t seem to go to the School that I Build. It´s starting to make me really mad. The odest version I really had, at least worked. I hope that the maker of The Sims 4 or Maxis brings the “Go to School” as a buyable game out, as well as the game “Go to Collage”. The other Mod that I`ve downloaded Grilled Cheese and Dunkin Bread or Donuts whats it called work really fine. Now I have no more Liability to Play this game no more, whats really sad.

  • Yes, it does. This mod is very similar to the jobs provided if you have Get To Work. This mod is built off of it so in order for it to work, you need Get To Work.

  • Hi! My problem is that with this mod there is no other students and my sim is alone at school. Someone can help me? Thank you !

  • YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats absolutely wonderful, I’ve been waiting for this to happen!

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  • Do you know why kids are showing up at my son’s house and acting like my home is the school? I can’t follow my child to the school I have set up because they are all acting like my home is where the school is supposed to be. No teachers show up though, just the kids and the event starts up.