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The Sims 4 Luxury Party: Brand New Assets

EA ANZ published a lot of new Assets from The Sims 4 Luxury Party, including the Logo, Renders and Screenshots.

You can keep track of all The Sims 4 Assets HERE!






ts4_515_sp01_fountain_01_004b_4k_flat 17607809172_a89cb5aa36_o


ts4_490_sp1_launch_roof_table_sh01_tk01__1b ts4_490_sp1_launch_v2_ned_post_wide_sh01_tk01b ts4_490_sp1_launch_v2_ned_postb_sh02_tk04b ts4_490_sp1_launch_v2_roof_01_sh02_tk01b ts4_490_sp1_launch_v2_roof_04_sh01_tk01b ts4_490_sp1_launch_v2_roof_05_sh01_tk05_1b ts4_489_sp01_screens_sh01_002 ts4_489_sp01_screens_sh02_004 ts4_489_sp01_screens_sh03_003 ts4_489_sp01_screens_sh04_002 ts4_490_sp1_launch_roof_sh01_tk04_2b

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