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The Sims 4: How I ”built” Newcrest

TS4 2015 06 12 01 42 14 92

Hey guys!

Newcrest has been out for 8 hours now (yes, I am counting hours) and most Simmers (including me) have started populating this World with Sims and Houses. Sims don’t represent a big issue with Newcrest as Neighborhoods are never empty thanks to townies + NPC Sims can move in automatically (Fill Empty Homes option in Settings). But, placing down lots can be kinda hard work, especially when it comes to fitting in the right style of Houses and Community Lots inside a Neighborhood.

I’ve managed to build Newcrest by placing some of the cool Lots uploaded in The Gallery, created by talented Simmers. If you like the way I sorted things out you can search the Lot names (or creators) in The Gallery I posted down below and place the following Lots and Houses in your game.

TS4 2015-06-12 01-42-14-92

Neighborhood #1


06-12-15_2-57 AM 06-12-15_2-57 AM-2 06-12-15_2-57 AM-3 06-12-15_2-58 AM 06-12-15_2-58 AM-2

Neighborhood #2


06-12-15_2-55 AM 06-12-15_2-55 AM-2 06-12-15_2-55 AM-3 06-12-15_2-56 AM 06-12-15_2-56 AM-2

Neighborhood #3


06-12-15_2-54 AM 06-12-15_2-54 AM-2 06-12-15_2-54 AM-3 06-12-15_2-54 AM-4 06-12-15_2-54 AM-5


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