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The Sims 4: My Favorite Female Custom Content Finds (09/09/15)


In Sims I almost always create Female Young Adults, occasionally Teenagers and children but never Adults & Elders. I really don’t know why I do this, maybe because I relate more personally to the Young Adult and Teenage age, or because Young Adult is default when you enter CAS.

When I’m in CAS I like to think that I’m creating totally random Sims, but I know subconsciously that I’m creating what I wish I would look like, so I thought it was time to admit that to myself and actually create what I wish I could get away with walking around in England (Apart from it being a cold & wet country, I could never see myself looking so eccentric)

Today I found this new Hair by S-Club and these fabulous Heart Sunglasses by Ladyhayny, I loved that the colour of lenses actually match the pink hair colour that I’ve chosen. Topped off with the Bow (also by S-Club) everything matches and fits together nicely. The Messy Bun, the Sunglasses and the Bow all come in various different colours that all look amazing, I chose these specific colours to match my own personality (and to match the outfit).

This Rabbit Veil by Leah Lillith is like nothing I’ve ever seen before (in Sims and real life) and I downloaded it with intent to make my Sims look mysterious and dark, but I’ve found that with the pink hair and big eyes, she actually looks really cute. unfortunately this accessory doesn’t work very well with a lot of the hair because the headband is quite high and wide, I would suggest using quite a volumized custom hair to wear this with.


When I was browsing for new custom content I wasn’t even looking for this cute Peplum Dress by Devilicious, it actually came up in the suggestions, I thought it looked so amazing and well made, my favourite bit is the cut-out decorative back (something I would never dream of trying to wear in real life). I was amazed when I found this Cat Bag by S-Club, because it’s something that I found on eBay a long time ago and I’ve been begging my Husband to get me for a long time, I thought it was perfect for this Sim, and it comes in many different cute cat faces.


I actually used to have a huge problem with shoes that look like this, but I’ve recently been using these Shoes by MJ95 on my Sims, and I’m really warming to the style. I love teaming these shoes with long socks or tights, or in this case the most amazing Cat Stockings by Lavoieri. This Hologram Outfit by Miss Fortune that I’ve found really goes with her hair colour and the crazy bunny ears. When I’m playing/ creating Sims I find it very important to constantly capture your Sims personality in all the outfits you choose, these two different looks show her sophisticated day-wear and her crazy slightly hipster party outfit.


(My personality is definitely shown within this Sim and I even used to have pink hair 😉 )

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Hi, my name is Olivia and I’m a 22 year old Photography student from England. I’ve been playing Sims since around 2003, I’m obsessed with Disney and I love escaping reality with music & video games. If I was a Sim my traits would be Creative, Lazy and Family-Oriented and my aspiration would be my real life aspiration - Big Happy Family :)

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