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Simmers Q&A: Five Minutes with Tamarliel

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Welcome back to another simsational simmer Q&A where each week I take time to get to know another awesome simmer from the community and ask them all about their sims journey, today we are talking to the lovely Tamara owner of the gaming channel Tamarliel where she hosts all of her sims adventures, CAS, reviews and challenges. I wanted to get to know more about Tamara and how her sim story began:

Hello! First things first we have to know how you got started with The Sims and how long have you been playing?

Hello there! Well it all started one day when my father came home from work and he brought me this game, I wasn’t sure what it was but he said that I would like it and he was right! I loved playing with families and playing with “life” and from the start I felt the game was truly amazing. I played with the Goth family for a long time and then I decided to make my simself in The Sims. I have been playing the game ever since my father brought it to me in the year 2000. I was only 6 at the time and have been playing The Sims since the very start.

That’s what we like to hear! So we have been taking a look at your YouTube channel where you have a fantastic range of sims videos which include challenges, reviews, CAS and much more! Tell me which videos do you like to produce the most and why?
I have created lots of videos on my channel and now have a variety of playlists, The Sims 4 is my main game and my favorite series is currently The Brook Household Let’s Play. I just love making up stories and sharing them with the world. I also love playing with aliens, they were an amazing addition to our game and they look great and add so much variety to the game! I also enjoy building houses and rooms, however I don’t build that often because I am relatively indecisive and knowing me the video would be 2 hours long, even if I increased the speed a little bit haha! I am also starting a Sims 2 LP very soon, I have been working on installing all of my sim games as I love to play and it’s a good way to remember the old times.
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Sounds fantastic! Now the next big release from The Sims 4 is the Get Together expansion pack and we have been asking simmers if they are looking forward to it! So are you excited and will you be buying it when it’s available in November?
I am really looking forward to that! It’s just November seems so far away, but I have pre-ordered the game. Now I am just waiting to download it. I am mostly looking forward to seeing all the new clothes and hairstyles! I loved The Sims 4 Get Together announcement and trailer and think the hairstyles showcased in the video look so beautiful! I can’t wait to get creative in CAS and see what new stories I can create.
We can’t wait to see what you create too! So The Sims 4 has just celebrated its one year anniversary and I would like to know what you feel  has been your most favorite addition or release so far and why?
I cannot believe that The Sims 4 anniversary has already passed, it seems like I have been playing the game for years! My favorite addition so far has to be the Get to Work expansion pack, mainly because of the scientist career, it has to be my absolute favorite out of all the careers available. I have really enjoyed playing with it and have selected it quite a few times for my sims. I also love The Cool Kitchen Stuff pack, I am using a lot of objects that came with this pack and I personally think that The Sims team did a great job with creating these additions and interactions to add an extra element of fun to the game.
We love those too, especially Cool Kitchen and it’s tasty Ice Cream treats! Finally, we have to ask if you could have any expansion for The Sims 4 what would it be and do you have a favorite from any of the previous generations?
I would really love to see Pets, Seasons and Generations expansion packs brought into this game as I really liked them in The Sims 3 and they could all work well in TS4. I mostly miss toddlers, snow, cats, dogs and parrots. My absolute favorites for The Sims 3 expansions were Seasons  and Pets and from The Sims 2 my favorite has to be The Sims 2 University.


Tamariel’s Quick Fire Questions
Tea or Coffee – Tea
Book or Movie – Movie
Morning or Night – Night
Flowers or Chocolates – Chocolates
Autumn or Spring – Autumn
If you would like to be the next simmer to take part in the Simmers Q&A be sure to get in touch with me using the comment box below or you can catch me on Twitter HERE

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