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The Sims Video Spotlight: #7



Welcome back to another week of The Sims Video Spotlight! As it is Halloween, this post is certainly influenced by the theme – we’ve got some great spooky builds, Create A Sim videos and more from the community!


The Sims 4 | Room Build: Halloween Living Room

By Jessamica92

First up this week is a wonderful Halloween living room build. It’s perfectly decorated for a Spooky Party if you ask me, I know my sims would be having a blast in there tonight!

Room Building – Halloween Kitchen

By TheCurtisParadisShow

Moving on to the kitchen, here is another themed room build. This is one is an instant favourite of mine as I love how well the kitchen blends into the dining room. It has a classic, old feel to it and is perfect for Halloween.


The Sims 4 | House Building: Haunted Manor

By SimtasticBuilder

Our last build video today is truly stunning. It is so interesting and unique, the layout adds so much character to the building and it makes me really look forward to when we may get more themed worlds in The Sims 4.


Create A Sim

The Sims 4 | Teen Halloween Costume CAS

By CourtGraceffa

Moving on to Create A Sim videos, we begin with a short and sweet, basic Halloween costume for a teenager. She’s adorable!


The Sims 4 | Create a Sim: Corpse Bride

By GamingMermaid with Kpopsimmer

For a more full-on look, here is Emily from the Corpse Bride. She is so well done, I just had to include her because not only is it different it’s very well made.


The Sims 4 | Create A Sim: Halloween Inspired – Vampire

By Starry

Next we have this beautiful vampiric sim, I think Starry did a great job as she has such a classic, sultry look to her.

The Sims 4 | Create A Sim: Creepy Doll

By Simtacular

Onto the last Create A Sim video, I found this and deemed it almost necessary to include this week. This doll looking sim is indeed creepy, I certainly wouldn’t want her showing up in my sims houses at night that’s for sure! But she is beautiful and very well made, all the custom content used to make her has been listed in the description of the video!


Let’s Play

The Sims 4 | SPOOKY PARTY: Spooky Stuff Pack + Halloween CC

By CaptainSauce

For those of you who are into play based videos, these last two are just that. We begin with CaptainSauce throwing a Spooky Party, showing items and custom content in a pretty hilarious way. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and I think you will too!

The Sims Freeplay | Night Of The Candy Monsters Quest

By Greenoid Gemzicle

Our final video this week is something a little different, a recent update for The Sims Freeplay is Halloween themed and I found this video playing through it. If you’re interested in this or you play the game yourself I recommend watching this!

Thank you for reading guys and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween – if you celebrate it! Remember to always stay safe if you go out anywhere, or you know, it’s extra safe to stay inside and play The Sims, right? 😉

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Hey! My name is Kelly, I'm an 18 year old, long-time simmer from England. Feel free to follow me on Twitter to see posts about my CC and other sims related things!

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