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The Sims 4 Custom Content Tool: Caster


Do you ever miss the Create a Style tool from The Sims 3? Well, you’re in luck! Caster is a tool that lets you easily generate custom Create a Sim textures for The Sims 4 which can then be imported into Sims 4 Studio to create custom content. It works in a similar way to The Sims 3’s Create a Style. While the original version of Caster was made last year, this new version is much easier to use, comes with content ready, and blends saturation values to create textures with the same level of detail as the originals.

Furthermore, Caster also lets you easily add logos and stencils which will position themselves automatically.

The full version of the tool isn’t finished yet, but you can now download the demo, which has limited content and doesn’t have all the features yet.

Caster comes with several bases, all patterns from The Sims 3 and three logos from The Sims 3 World Adventures. There will be more content coming with the full version, as well as more features.

For more information and a link to download:

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Caster14 Caster15 Caster16 Caster17

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