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Welcome to Sims Community 4.0 (+ Overview)


After sticking with our well known theme design for over 2 years, we knew it was time to kick it up a notch and build a stable and well-functional foundation for years to come. Our last theme design promised a lot, but sadly failed to deliver many features on many devices. Overlapping content, huge loading times and scattered content around the site were just some of the issues we experienced, but thankfully those issues are no more! After months of hard work, I’m proud to announce that Sims Community 4.0 is now live for everyone!

Introducing Sims Community 4.0!

Sims Community 4.0 brings attention to actual content of this website, rather than just delivering striking visuals and putting important content in the second place.

Before we continue with our Overview that will explain how the new version functions and looks, let us just quickly recap what’s different with this design:

  • Bigger focus on actual content
  • Easier overview of the latest news and posts
  • Better design with less ”white space”
  • Design match with SC Social
  • Stability
  • Site load improvements

I’d like to give a big THANKS to Sims4Thoddy for helping me out with tech stuff related to Sims Community 4.0 – without him this just wouldn’t be possible!

If you’re experiencing any issues with the theme, please don’t hesitate to write about your issue in the comments section below.


  • Featured Posts: Our Home Page now has a Featured Posts section where we’ll pin the most important posts from time to time. Expect it to be updated weekly!
  • Header & Logo: Updated to match with our general Sims Community theme.

sc4 - 1

  • Latest Articles / Posts: shows the latest Original Articles / News written and posted by Sims Community Staff.
  • Posts Widget: Shows posts we’ve made over the last 3 years. The list will randomize each time you refresh!

sc4 - 2

  • Categories Revamp: First post will always be brought to attention.
  • Sub-categories: If a category has sub-categories, they’ll be displayed below the category name.

sc4 - 3

  • View Counter: Each time you load up a post you give it 1 view!
  • Approx. reading time: shows how much approximately will it take you to read a certain post.

sc4 - 4

  • Suggested posts: This section now shows 4 posts related to the post you’ve read.
  • Author section: Shows a better overview of the person who wrote the post, their image, posts and social links.
  • Posts and Social Scroll Widget: As you scroll down the post you’ll have an option to see next and prev posts, as well as options to share the post you read on Social Networks.

sc4 - 6

Author Pages: Shows Author bio, social links and posts the author has made.

sc4 - 5


  • Better Responsiveness


  • Better Responsiveness

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