The Sims 4: The ”Friends” TV Show Challenge


This The Sims 4 Challenge has been written by SCsocial user Julieintheskywithdiamonds (that’s a mouthful!). Screen added in this post is property of ian80.

Hi guys! I got into the idea of building a challenge based around the tv-show Friends, so I began a game and thought of a way it could work. Hope you’ll like it!

Basic rules for the challenge:

There are individual rules for each character, but these rules are sort of the basics for the whole challenge.
You can create all the characters from the series, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica, but you don’t have to. When making the challenge, I create my own characters and I thought that was pretty fun. Though the characters still have their individual goals based on the original characters from the show.

1. You create 6 sims. 3 boys and 3 girls. Again, you decide if you want the characters from the show or just create your own.
2. 2 of them has to be siblings.
3. They have to start out as young adults.
4. Move your sims into the 50×40 lot in Newcrest. You’ll now have 21.500 simoleons. *You aren’t allowed to use money cheats
5. You can spend the remaining money on whatever you want, though It’s recommended you spend it on 6 beds, a toilet and a fridge… duh.
6. At least two of your sims has to become a couple. It doesn’t have to be your Ross and Rachel or you Chandler and Monica, though :)
7. Significant others outside the group can move in with them, but not bring any money.



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